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Academic Reports have been completed and are in the proof reading phase before final printing. The reports will be distributed to students in Week 10 of this term. If you would like additional copies please contact the campus.

One of our Year 9 students, Iesha Apthorpe has been successful in her selection to represent the college in an Education Week initiative called “Secretary for a Day’. The program involves Iesha going to Sydney and spending a day with the Department of Education Secretary, Mark Scott. It is a fantastic opportunity for her to gain an insight into the daily operation of the department at corporate level.

The 2019 Ceremony of Excellence will be hosted at the Glasshouse on the 6th of August 2019 by the Hastings Valley Community of Schools. This event has been a showcase of public education in the local community over the past few years. It commences at 7.00 pm and I would encourage you to join me in the experience if you are able. This is a ticketed event so please contact the campus if your require assistance with tickets.

I had the pleasure of driving the bus to the Lower North Coast Athletics Carnival last Friday, which took place at Scotts Head. Great location and great weather. As principal I enjoy getting out and seeing how our students present themselves at various events. The level of behaviour, engagement and willingness to take responsibility by all of the students at the carnival was exceptional. I also experienced our campus Dance Ensemble yesterday at the Glasshouse, during their rehearsal for the Lower North Coast Dance Festival. Super Stuff! The group performed their dance routine last night to a packed house and the reports I received were glowing.

The campus has commenced an evaluation process with our student and teachers on the current structure of sport at the campus. This year we changed from a Wednesday afternoon sports block to an integrated sports model. Sport now is timetabled by year group. I would appreciate any feedback you or your child has in relation to the sport change to ensure we continue to strive for the best outcome of all our students. Click here to provide feedback.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support.

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Ian Ross 

Principal Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus