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Welcome to Term 4. As you may have been aware I was on leave for the second half of Term 3. I want to acknowledge Duncan Kirkland and the team for the fantastic job they did in my absence.

I was addressing the student body at the assembly this week and suggested to them that Term 4 is an ideal opportunity to plan and start preparations for the 2020 school year.

Term 4 also sees the beginning of the Year 12 year. The cross-campus model that we share with the Port Campus continues to be well supported. Students are keenly waiting on their Year 11 Academic Reports, which will give them good feedback in courses, where they have excelled and areas that need improvement.
Four of our students (Emma Page - Year 9, Sasha Davies – Year 10, Adam Wall and Phoenix Nincsics - Year 11) have been selected in the NSW State Drama Ensemble to perform at the State Drama Festival on the 24th and 25th of October. Most schools consider it fortunate to get just one student into this event, but to have four selected is very impressive. Congratulations to these students.

Social media continues to expand its presence in our lives. As you are aware most of the time, its use is positive, and it is an excellent form of communication. But it can and is used regularly for harmful purposes. I often ask students ‘Would you say that to the person directly?’ This is after they have posted something silly or negative. The answer is always "NO". So then we have the conversation about the appropriate use of social media. Most, to their credit, get the point I am trying to make.

Our graduating Year 12 students started the HSC on Thursday. Traditionally the English Paper is first and was again this year. This event finalises 13 years of education and for most students has set a solid foundation for the next part of life's journey. There are many different pathways for our college school leavers.

Life isn’t measured out in lots of 10 weeks; learning is a life-long activity and our students have developed the skills that will allow them to achieve anything they put their mind to.

We are enormously proud of all of our students and their commitment, hard work and determination has shone over the last 12 months. Their future is bright, and I am excited to follow the journey of our graduating students post-secondary school. We wish them all the best over the next four weeks of the exam period and for the future.

Take care,

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Ian Ross
Principal Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus