Principal Westport Campus

It is with great pleasure we announce the 2020-2021 campus leaders. These young men and women have taken the challenge to walk in the footsteps of previous leaders of our great College and will continue to provide student voice for our campus and college communities. 

Captains’ Elect 2021

My sincere congratulations to these wonderful individuals:

Captains Imala Smith and Shannon Abbott 

Vice Captain's Jessika Helmers, Elliott Francis and Tiana Mackenzie

To be recognised and chosen by your peers and staff to lead our Campus and College throughout 2021 is something you should be very proud of. We believe you are ready and we look forward to continuing to thrive throughout the next year under your leadership.

At the leadership Assembly Thursday, I spoke to both Year 11 and 12 students about leadership. Here is what I spoke about.

Dear Captains and Senior Students,

Are you ready to lead?

Are you ready to lead with enthusiasm?

To lead our school and your peers with true enthusiasm cannot be faked. When you lead with enthusiasm and passion, that's contagious and people will follow.

Are you ready to lead with integrity?

Will you stand by what you think is right? Will you speak up for those who may not have a voice, in order to ensure we stay a happy and inclusive school? Think about our core values of Safe, Respectful and Personal Best. Will you strive to uphold these values to the best of your ability, to lead by example?

Are you ready to lead with loyalty? Are you willing to be proud of our great Campus and ensure you seek to always shine a positive light on all aspects of our wonderful College.

Are you ready to lead with an open mind? Are you willing to listen to others, to accept and appreciate different points of view?

Are you ready to lead with initiative? Are you willing to think and act independently & not always be reliant on others. But are you also able to work as a team and problem solve?

Year 12

Dear Year 12

As your secondary schooling draws to a conclusion it is worth taking a few quiet moments to reflect on the past 13 years: the fond memories, the people, your friends, the relationships, teachers and staff, the effort, the disappointments and most importantly your achievements.

None of us is certain what the future will hold. At this stage you have had a tremendous experience in quality education and have developed or refined a range of personal qualities and skills that have shaped your potential. Whatever you aspire to in your future you now have skills and experiences that should provide you with the confidence to make your way and to pursue what is possible. Whatever future you see for yourself, whatever your goals, be persistent, show compassion for others and always act with personal integrity – these are the qualities that you value in others and others value in you.

Ruby our Pet Therapy Dog

Ruby is our pet therapy dog.  One of Ruby's most important roles is that of providing emotional comfort to students; if there is a student upset at school Ruby will provide company before school, Lunch 1 and Lunch 2 in the music department.

Students who are having a tough day emotionally especially benefit from Ruby's  presence and it provides that circuit breaker to their feelings at a particular moment that can change the day for the better or provide some relief from their stress.

Read more about Ruby's story here.

Be safe and be responsible

Part of an ongoing collaboration between local police and schools, Westport Campus hosted Senior Constable Steven Jeffery, Police Liaison officer who spoke to year 8 and 10 students about the dangers present in the online world. Senior Constable Jeffery said Young people take part in risky decision making and my job is to help educate them so they can make better decisions. Want to know more about being safe online visit the e-safety commission website.

P&C Reminder

Our P&C meeting is next Monday 19 October via Zoom. Please contact the campus if you would like to join and we can provide you with the necessary information to Zoom into the meeting.