Ian and meaghan

It’s a fantastic start to the term with a number of exciting education related activities currently underway. Our Cattle Team are competing at the Wingham Beef Week, which is a highlight of the year for the teachers and students associated with our cattle. Several educational presentations are also on offered at the event to enhance the students learning.

Caitlin Axelby is one of our Year 12 students currently excelling in her studies. Her story is not unique to her but does showcase the power of personal choice and drive to succeed. Please view Caitlin’s story in the Port News via this link. Caitlin Axelby

Last Friday we hosted the first of our Parent Lounge sessions. The focus was around how we can improve communication between the campus and the home. A number of suggestions were made which are currently being investigated. One of the suggestions was to roll out other functions within the Parent Portal. I am currently sourcing best practice in other locations which may serve our needs.

Year 10 examinations are on Thursday and Friday of week 4 and the Year 11 examinations are in Week 5. This is a good opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learnt in there various courses. Year 12 Reports are currently being proof read and they will be available shortly as both hard copies and electronically through the Parent Portal.

On Wednesday night the campus hosted our Year 6 – 7 Evening. The event was very well supported by parents and students (in excess of 200 people) who will be seeking enrolment at the Westport Campus in 2020. The feedback that I have received was very positive and aligned with our educational planning as we move towards 2020.

I look forward to continuing engagement with parents and carers throughout the term.

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Ian Ross 

Principal Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus