Last Friday we held our annual ‘Westport Idol’ where the students had the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the whole school. There was a variety of acts from singing, contemporary dance, drumming, comedy drama as well as group bands / vocals giving outstanding performances. Each year we are continually amazed at the talent of so many of our students as well as their courage to perform in front of their peers.

Throughout the week Year 12 students have undergone the HSC Trial Examinations. This is a very important time for the senior students, as the feedback they receive will give them a good indication as to how well they are performing and which areas they may need to concentrate on improving, prior to the HSC exams next term. We are excited to have Dr Michael Carr-Gregg presenting to all Year 12 students in the near future, on strategies they can adopt to help manage their stress during this important time.

A big congratulations must go to Mr Finnerty and his Industrial Technology Timber class. Their major woodwork projects went into ‘lockdown’ on Thursday, where they are now ready for marking. We believe the student’s works are some of the best we have seen for many years and we are very proud of what they have produced. We will be showcasing these exemplary works, as well as our Visual Arts, Drama and Music performances in the weeks to come.  

To celebrate Science Week, many of our students were selected to display their major projects at the Hastings Valley Community of Schools Science Fair, held at Port Panthers on Monday. It was great to see students with a science passion exhibiting and discussing their investigative research with the community and fellow students from other schools.

We are also very excited about tonights Sky Stories at Sancrox Park. This is an opportunity for our students and staff to share their knowledge with the community on our solar system. There will be several telescopes provided to enable us to see the planets and stars in a way many of us may have never experienced before. With the clear skies we have had lately it should be a spectacular viewing.


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Duncan Kirkland

Acting Principal Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus