It has been great to see each Year Group attend school throughout the week on their designated days. The students were certainly excited to come together again with their peers and share all of their holiday stories. Connection with their peers is so important for our teenagers and it certainly is good for their mental health. It has also been very important to have our senior students back in the classroom, reconnecting with their teachers & reflecting on the work they have been doing during their time when studying from home.  I was fortunate enough to spend some time with our Year 12 this week, ensuring that they are aware of the diverse supports available, as well as reminding them of our high expectations towards working at their personal best.

School planning for next week – Week 4
We will continue with the same phased return of students as last week. Students will be expected to continue with their online learning from home and attend on their designated days. As always, we will continue to adhere to all safety measures from the health authorities and as well as following the Education Department’s direction regarding our operational procedures. Our College will inform the school community as soon as any changes are to take place.

Over the course of this week, I wanted to talk with our students about their experiences (both positive and negative) in terms of being in isolation or “ISO” as I’m told!

Here are some of the insightful comments I received:

· “I liked the online learning, however my teachers gave me more work than what we would normally do in class!”

· “I’d much rather be at school mostly because I like seeing my friends and it’s more organised at school for me to learn.”

· “I found I didn’t have the same motivation or discipline learning from home as I do in class”

· “I liked the flexibility of being able to work longer on a topic, a good thing for me.”

· “ I struggled with learning from home because there was no order, structure or social opportunities”

· “It was difficult for me to get motivated but having my PJ’s as school uniform was a good thing!”

· “It felt really weird to have all of your classmates in your bedroom learning”

· “We had too much work and not enough help”

· “My home environment was distracting with noise from my dog and my sisters!”

· “I liked the flexibility and found I finish earlier in the day and do other things”

· “ISO has allowed me to appreciate the little moments about school that I used to take for granted. Seeing my teachers, my friends and the structure of the day won’t be forgotten by me”

· “I liked the ZOOM lessons with my teachers and the flexibility to work longer if I needed to. The 3 day face to face and 2 days at home is great but I know it won’t last”

· “My teachers worked really hard”

Uniform shop
The uniform shop will be open this Thursday, 21 May from 7:30am to 8:30am for any uniform purchases.

Important Note regarding absences
If you have kept your child home for COVID reasons, you need to notify the school either by,
phone - 6583 6400 or email - hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au .
If you called last term, there is no need to call this term. This is to avoid your child from being marked as ‘unexplained absent’.


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Duncan Kirkland
Principal Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus