I hope everyone had a restful long weekend. What a weekend it was for young Benjamin Webster who was part of the under 12’s Mid North Coast Football team winning the State finals at Coffs Harbour. Congratulations Benjamin.

Business Campus Partnerships
Developing robust, positive and effective partnerships between the campus and business can contribute significantly to our student's successful learning and development.
Through school-business partnerships, businesses can provide their expertise and resources to enrich the school curriculum, expand opportunities for career development and allow students to learn in a more diverse and sophisticated education environment.

This week Year 7 and 8 STEM Academy students have had the opportunity to attend a presentation by GHD civil engineers – Ben Granger and Ryan Bell on the changing landscape of STEM careers. They learnt how the emergence of new technology assists engineers by providing tools to design roads, buildings, bridges, and how communication technology has provided access to collaboration and teamwork to problem solve in their roles.

Our Clontarf Academy visited the workplace of Bullivants in Carrington, Newcastle.
As part of the Bullivants’ scholarship program, the Clontarf boys had the good fortune to undertake an in-depth tour of the warehouse operations.

Throughout the tour, the boys were able to see how the staff went about their daily roles and responsibilities. They experienced first-hand how the warehouse transports wire and fibre rope, slings, chains, fittings and PPE equipment all over the world.

The boys were amazed by the fact that one potential employer could have so many different employment pathways on offer. These pathways were reinforced after staff shared their employment journey throughout their careers. 

Do you know what activity data we can collect from cows? Our Agriculture students were exposed to seminars presented by Dr Amy Cosby from AgriTECH on how accelerometers have the potential to be used in a variety of ways in the livestock industry to improve animal welfare. 

These future technologies will be able to detect disease, when livestock give birth or to identify if a mob are being attacked by a predator, such as a wild dog. During the student activities, data was live streamed to an iPad allowing students to observe how the change in activity influences data. 

Mobile Phone Policy
We acknowledge that mobile phones and electronic devices play an important role in today’s society. They are multifaceted and can prove highly beneficial in their educational use. We also acknowledge that these devices can provide a degree of security whilst travelling to and from school. The school also acknowledges that mobile phones and other electronic devices are also a part of students’ day to day lives. When devices are misused by students, they can be very disruptive to teaching and learning and in some cases, have an impact on students’ wellbeing.

The increased ownership and use of mobile phones have required the campus to set clear guidelines for the management of mobile phones on campus. The campus provides a supportive environment for students and staff which promote our expectations of being Safe, Cooperative and Respectful.

Parents and carers can download a copy of the draft mobile policy HERE.

We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions and look forward to continuing engagement with parents and carers throughout the term.

Warm regards,

Duncan Kirkland
Acting Principal Westport Campus