Principal's Message

This morning a Merit Assembly was held for all students recognising the many achievements, both academically and sport success. Believe is the address given by our Principal, Ms Meaghan Cook.  

“Good morning students, staff, parents and carers. Welcome to our Term 2 Merit assembly.

On this day, the 28th June

1919: The Leader of the Allies met with Germany and signed the Treaty of Versailles with the Allies, officially ending World War I.

1952: South Africa Nelson Mandela was jailed. Police struck at the heart of the resistance to segregation by jailing the leaders of the movement for crossing forbidden race barriers.

1953:  Queen Elizabeth was moved to Buckingham Palace, having had her official coronation ceremony a few weeks earlier at Westminster Abbey.

Why would I share this with you?

Because every one of the people involved in those stories were just like you and I. The difference is whether you choose to believe you can do those things or not.

Sitting before me are a wide range of individuals with various skills and talents. Much perhaps untapped as yet. We have academics, artists, architects, builders, plumbers, public speakers, musicians, chefs, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, athletes …the list goes on.

How do you become one or a few of those things? You need and everyone has one, a success mindset. Success is the result of consistent and persistent hard work. Success is the sum of all of the small efforts repeated over and over in order to achieve. Success takes a dream. What is your dream? Once you have one, it then becomes a goal that you can action.

How will you get there?

Education. School. Here.

All of the people that you interact with each day and over time, your teachers, support staff, parents, mentors, all provide you with the support you need in your learning to gain success. Hastings Secondary College can offer you all so much and we do. In Term 2 these included:

Film By the Breakwall, Dance Festival, Swimming / Cross Country and Athletics / CHS sporting representation, Science challenges, Public Speaking, Wheelchair Basketball, Nambus visit and CAPA Evening

Staff deliver all of these activities, however it is up to every individual in this room to take full advantage of what is on offer. Those students being recognised today have taken up the challenge of a success mindset, of embracing what is available, doing their best and thereby achieving wonderful results.

Whilst lots of great things have been happening in and around the school, the MOST fantastic things take place in the classroom. Every single day. Be the student who has improved the most, be the student who gives 100% effort every lesson, be the student who does their best and be the student who cares for others. I challenge the entire audience to be that student.”

Our Merit assembly is a means to reward and promote the positive achievements of students. Each one of you today has been nominated for being successful. Whatever the reason behind the nomination, take it on board and be proud.

You rightly deserve this recognition today.

I would like to thank the parents, friends and family members of our award recipients today. You are important to your child and to our campus. We appreciate your time and support. Thank you for being here.