Tree planting

In Memory of Mrs Lorraine Haddon

National Tree Week has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to commemorate our previous Principal, Ms Lorraine Haddon. The school community planted in her honour, a beautiful Magnolia Tree that has been placed at the front of our school building, just inside the gate. This tree is a reminder of Ms Haddon’s service to Hastings Secondary College and to Public Education. A life that touches others goes on forever.

New Staff

I’d like to introduce the following staff members who will be with us until the remainder of the school year. These visiting teachers are highly skilled and I am confident will deliver outstanding outcomes for your child.

Mr Nash – Mathematics

Mr Stuckey – Supported learning

Mr O’Connell – TAS

Mr Anderson – Science


Prior to the holidays, the SRC ran a naming competition for our new tenderer. We had over 35 entries from the student population. The SRC met on the last day of Term and decided upon the following name – ‘Lettuce Eat’. A Year 8 student, Mia Zimmer was the winner of the competition. It was a unanimous decision based on her use of words and creativity. We have such excellent critical thinkers!

Further to this, we had a working bee in Week 2 of the holidays. We painted all of the tables and chairs, the bins, placed panels on the brick work and planted a range of herbs and lettuce products. The space looks lovely. My sincere thanks to Kingsley Marks, Towa Henry and Mason Heddles on being part of the team to refurbish the canteen space. Staff included Mrs Wells, Mr Heddles, Ms Jeffery and Mr Boswell from the P&C. On Sunday we had more help from community members, Michelle Jones and Rick Costmeyer.

Some ‘big rocks’ to alert you this term:

  • NAIDOC WEEK Celebration Week 2
  • Sister School Okadama Senior High School visit Week 2
  • North Coast Athletics Week 3
  • CAPA Showcase Evening Week 6
  • Sports Academy Excursion Week 7
  • Splendour Week 8
  • Year 12 Graduation Week 10

I spoke to each year group on assembly about their specific big rocks. For example Year 12 students, have their trials and Graduation. I asked them to make sure to attend class every day. That each lesson may get them 1 more mark, one more piece of the puzzle to help them with their final examinations, practical projects or VET qualifications.

I hope my biggest take home message this week is that of caring for others. All of us come to school with challenges we are facing. For most of us, school is a great opportunity to seek support, friendship and insight. We are a community that cares for each other and one that I am proud to be a part of. I’ll finish with this quote by Jessy and Bryan Matteo:

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water. It will make ripples throughout the entire pond”