The Term has flown with school holidays just around the corner, commencing Monday 6 July and return to school Tuesday 21 July.

I have provided below updated COVID 19 Guidelines which outlines details of the staged return of activities and events to the campus.

COVID 19 Guideline Update for Port Macquarie Campus 

From Thursday 11 June 

  • White card training(student construction induction training) can  be conducted on site from now by external providers 
  • All curricular or extra-curricular programs or services delivered by Department of Education staff can recommence 

From Monday, 15 June the following will be permitted: 

  • All Department of Community and Justice activities 
  • Choirs and performing arts at school within our school setting only 
  • Incursions/external providers relating to curriculum 
  • Some activities which involve students visiting other schools 
  • Return of TVET and school based apprenticeships to TAFE 
  • Most community use activities 
  • External Counselling services 

  • School assemblies (no more than 15 minutes and no visitors) 

  • Choirs and performing Arts within our own setting 

  • TAFE attendance can begin 

  • Community use activities on weekends involving adult attendance 

From Term 3, schools can resume the following: 

  • All school sport and activities including competition aligned with current health advice 
  • Inter-school student events and competitions  Incursions/external providers not already permitted involving external adult providers 
  • SRE/SEE volunteers 
  • Work experience for students 
  • P&C meetings where these need to take place – strong preference for online where possible 

  • Parent / teacher meetings – strong preference for online where possible 

  • Staff meetings 

  • Practicum teachers 

A limited number of activities remain under consideration and for now these events must remain on hold. These include: 

  • School camps 

  • Excursions 

  • Parent attendance at assemblies – Year 12 Graduation 

  • Parent volunteers 

School based activities involving large groups are NOT permitted at this time. Example; working bees, fundraisers, school BBQ’s, large parent information evenings, large on-site cultural events such as NAIDOC Week 

Junior Reports 

This report has been developed to give an overview of student performance during Semester One 2020. The Hastings Secondary College educational community has adapted an educational model that has been in line with advice given by the NSW Department of Health regarding the COVID-19 situation. The staff and students at the college have modified their normal routine, particularly with attendance and learning styles, to accommodate the needs of our learning community. This has involved a blended model that has catered for both face to face and on-line learning in the delivery of course content. This has also resulted in modified or limited assessment of course outcomes. 

10 into 11 Subject Selection interviews – HSC Minimum Standards 

Interviews will be held on Monday 22nd June – Wednesday 24th June. Year 10 students are only required to attend their scheduled interview time. During the period your child is not attending their Year 10 interview or face-to-face lessons, we ask that you ensure they complete the online practise tests in reading, writing and numeracy in preparation for their HSC Minimum Standards tests. They have all been given in year meetings this week the required unique PIN to access these tests. To support both you and your child to prepare for the HSC Minimum Standards testing, we have developed an online Google Classroom that has information on the process and sample tests with answers. Both parents and students of year 10 will have received an emailed invitation to this platform, and the classroom code can also be found below. We will use this Google Classroom to communicate to both you and your child about testing schedules and administration.   

 The actual testing will occur at school throughout Term 3 and 4.   

Infrastructure Update 

We have been spending time working with the PCYC over the past 2 months with representatives from the School, PCYC, Dept of Education Assests and our P and C Association.  We look forward to continuing discussion and planning around these exciting developments.  

Zenith and Platinum Programs 

Our Zenith and Platinum Program events have been postponed due to COVID. Stay tuned for some really exciting learning immersion events in Term 3. Find out more about our Platinum Program and our Zenith Program on our website. 


Meaghan Cook