Although most jobs come with some kind of job description, I haven’t seen that many for raising teenagers. If I were to write down a job description I would say it’s about three core things:

  1. helping individuals reach their potential academically and emotionally
  2. ensuring their wellbeing
  3. teaching them the difference between what’s appropriate and inappropriate in behaviour

Scott Peck, a psychiatrist in the 1970’s, put forward an idea that the degree to which individuals have reached maturity is reflected in the way they are able to balance their reactions to events. He reckoned a pretty good sign of adulthood is a person’s ability to respond to frustrating events proportionally. Full maturity, he said, is tied up with how much we let our emotions unbalance us.

Peck would say that the balance between an event and our reaction to an event is a reflection of our level of maturity.

A big part of what we to do at our campus is to help our students get better at responding to things proportionally. It’s not the feeling that’s the problem, it’s how the feeling is being expressed.

Infrastructure Meeting Tuesday Evening – hosted by our P&C

On Tuesday evening we were delighted to host a meeting from the NSW Infrastructure team. Our Local member, Mrs Leslie Williams, was also in attendance. The meeting’s purpose was to update the school community on our eagerly anticipated major upgrade of our campus inclusive of the shared new PCYC facility.

Over the coming months, we will be inviting our school, and wider community, to provide input into concept plans. It’s a very exciting time!

College Disco Success

Thursday evening saw over 160 students attend our College disco at Westport Campus. I was thrilled to hear how well it went. Our students were well behaved, our Year 10 Peer Leaders did an outstanding job in leading games throughout the evening and our amazing P&C helped with supervision. Thank you to all involved!