Only two weeks into this term and students and staff have all been actively engaged in a wide variety of activities within classrooms as well as across sporting and cultural activities.

Congratulations to the many students who supported the swimming carnival on Wednesday. Their efforts were rewarded with many students taking out first, second or third in events to secure a place in our Campus Representative Swimming Team.  Although the weather was somewhat daunting, the students who were present at the carnival are to be commended for their efforts in supporting and promoting an important campus event. Those students who were not interested in competition, had a great time participating in the many novelty events. It appears the belly flop competition is the most fiercely contested across the houses. These activities don’t just happen. The PDHPE Faculty play a significant role in determining the events and the entire staff support it enthusiastically.

Last week I welcomed our new staff. This week, I wanted to let our parent community know who our amazing Year Advisors are for 2020 and also the Head Teachers overseeing each Key Learning Area. I trust this may help you in seeking their support if you require assistance or have a question to ask.

Year Advisors

7              Cassandra Stirton and Erin Perkins

8              Michael Sanderson

9              Leon Ruhl and Michelle Kelly

10           Louise Newbound and Jenn Smith

11           Megan Brennan

12           Damien Huens

Congratulations to Megan Brennan on her appointment of Year 11 Advisor, replacing Clare Farmer.

Head Teachers

English                                  Jo-Ann Southon

Mathematics                          Heather O'Brien

Science                                 Annette Reithmuller

PDHPE                                  Damien Huens

TAS                                        Andrew McManus

HSIE                                       Christopher Fitzpatrick

Wellbeing                            Sharon Combey

Supported Learning        Hamish Keddie

Administration                  Louise Newbound          

Maintenance throughout the campus continues and I apologise for the limited access families have had throughout the break. You will notice we have had much done!

All of A Block (our Administration Block) has had a small refurbishment. The Front Office is more open and, we hope, a little easier for parents to access. Quite a number of classrooms have been repainted, our MPC has new doors and both the bus shelter and canteen COLA have had new roofing. The perimeter fencing is also being replaced. We had lightning strike a large Norfolk Pine tree just before school resumed. It was removed due to the safety concerns it presented. It was also an opportunity to assess other trees and tidy up any that had broken branches.

Our enrolments have increased which has resulted in two new demountables being placed on site. These demountables will house one of our Year 7 classes, Jade, and the other demountable will have one of our supported learning classes occupy it. I congratulate our students on being patient whilst we have been arranging these rooms.

Finally, on Monday we have our annual Ceremony of Distinction presentation at Port Macquarie Panthers Club. On behalf of the Campus, I congratulate every student who will be receiving an award. I love seeing our students shine and a big heartfelt round of applause to you.

For the students who aren’t called up, I SEE YOU. To the new students who have conquered their fear of attending high school for the first time, I SEE YOU. To the students who have managed to resolve conflict or walked away from the fighting instead of getting involved, I SEE YOU. To the student that battles to make friends and be social, I SEE YOU.

May you all revel in small but significant victories. Every year there is progress and growth. We don’t need a podium or a handshake or a hall of applause to be seen. I SEE YOU.