Everyone Is an Achiever at Port Macquarie Campus

Each year’s end always brings with it a tremendous sense of accomplishment. So many momentous things that have been achieved. Our students have been involved in an extraordinary number of activities during the year.  Throughout all of these activities they have demonstrated much enthusiasm, great dedication and strength of character whilst demonstrating our core values of respect, personal best and being safe.

Orientation Day

151 excited students entered our gates on Tuesday to experience high school for the day. A big shout out to Miss Perkins, Miss Stirton and Mr Ruhl for the amazing organisation and activities our Year 7 2020 cohort experienced. I am very excited to begin our six year journey together. Just a reminder that next year’s Year 7 will be expected at our campus on 8.15 am Wednesday 29 January 2020.

Environment and Bushcare

The environmental management plan is part of the annual school plan and is used as a tool for planning, programming, implementing and assessing.

Our campus reviews the plan annually with the view of integrating environmental education across the curriculum using examples of teaching and learning strategies and partnering with organisations to support environmental education.

The plan also covers the management of the school grounds. An annual audit takes place which identifies strategies for: managing the school grounds, ideas on how to link school ground projects to curriculum along with the partnership with community, parent and citizen’s groups for ground projects. With this in mind, our SRC took it upon themselves to plan for a day to clean up our grounds. Our Environment Day on Thursday was very successful. A large amount of money was raised. Congratulations and a big thank you to the whole school for their efforts. A special thank you to Mr Heddles, Mrs Southon and the entire SRC and student body who planned and coordinated the event. I was shocked at what the clean-up effort exposed.

Zenith Showcase at Charles Sturt University

Zenith is designed to enhance and extend learning in Years 7 and 8 of our high achieving students. Our students study the core curriculum in common with their year cohort, however, the curriculum is compacted and made more challenging to allow time for enrichment, extension, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The program offers challenging, real-world learning using innovative teaching to support Future Focused learners in a culture of high expectations and learning excellence. Today, our Zenith students delivered exhibitions of their projects. It was an extraordinary event. I met with forensic scientists who analysed my hair and finger prints and took an obstacle course in a wheelchair to demonstrate how challenging life with a disability is in our local community. I touched tactile slime and learnt about the black plague.

Well done to our students.