Principal Message

Congratulations goes to our very own Ms Jacynta Moylan, Deputy Principal Hastings Secondary College who has been named as one of Hot List 2020 Australia's most influential educators by the Educator Magazine.

This prestigious list recognises and celebrates professionals who represent the cutting edge of educational excellence in Australia.

Jacynta strives to promote sustainable, quality professional learning and support for all staff across the school and demonstrates the ability to drive innovation in engaging practice to meet the needs of future-focused learners.

Under Jacynta’s leadership, professional learning programs and processes were designed, setting relevant engaging program content and ensuring clear links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). With the introduction of the college, she led the alignment of faculties across the college through a consultative and collaborative approach. As an extension of this work, she designed and developed an upskilling plan for a professional learning event to engage middle executive to become effective team builders in transforming practice across the college.

To improve learning outcomes, Jacynta developed instructional leaders who drive the performance of the Literacy and Numeracy teams and the wider college staff. She, along with other instructional leaders, continues the delivery of professional learning in a cascading model to ensure whole of college involvement and meaningful contextual learning for both students and staff. In addition, she has developed quality practice and initiated faculty and school plans to target the School Excellence Framework in line with SD3: Leading to Drive High Expectations. 

Year 12

Trial HSC – Weeks 5 and 6

We are trying hard to sustain motivation levels and keep a balance as our HSC students rocket toward the finish line. It is a constant struggle through the senior years but especially this year with so much uncertainty in the world.

A few simple reminders from me include:

  • Balance is the key. If you plan your days, you are able to fit in what you need to do and what you want to do!
  • There are many ways to get where you are going but all of them require a work ethic. Whatever you are doing, work hard at it, as you never know what doors may open for you.
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly. It’s certainly survival of the fittest for me this term!
  • Open communication. Talk to someone if you are having a tough day or a tough time. We can’t help you if we don’t know. 
  • Be kind. Be kind to others and be kind to yourself!!!

I wish our Year 12 students the very best for their Trail examinations, starting On Monday 17 August. The Trials are running over a two week period. During this time, Year 12 remain at home and studying between exams.

Graduation Ceremony – Friday 16October

The Department of Education is working closely with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), NSW Health and other agencies to ensure we continue to operate in the safest ways possible during the COVID environment.

The majority of school-based activities have recommenced, however, in terms of school site usage the Department has reminded Principals of the following measures to be observed:

  • Principals may continue to restrict, limit or prohibit activities if they are seen as contrary to the current health advice
  • External providers and visitors are required to demonstrate compliance with health and safety requirements including adhering to strict guidelines and completing relevant forms
  • Non-essential adults are still not permitted on school grounds or at school events – this includes parents and carers.

Rather than cancel all events, the Principal Leadership Team has made the decision that Graduation will be a student only event.

Year 12 Formal – Thursday 19 November

Planning is well under way for this special event.

Parent Teacher Interviews  7 – 11 September

Parent Teacher interviews are an important opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers.

This year as a result of COVID-19 we will be asking parents to provide an expression of interest to request a phone interview with your child's teachers rather than face-to-face parent/teacher conference for the week 7 - 11 September.

The process will happen exactly the same way as face-to-face but over the phone. Each interview is 5 minutes. Keep an eye out for a text message that will direct you to our Web page which will provide the full details about how this will take place. Information will also be sent via our campus newsletter next week. ​

Father’s Day Stall

Port Macquarie Campus P&C Association team has reinvented the Fathers’ Day stall so that our students can still show Dad how special he is.

This year you can order your gift in advance using the Father's Day Gift form which will be distributed to all students and will be made available online. Gifts range from $12.00 - $22.00.

All gifts are sourced from four local suppliers, Majestic Theatre, Doppio or Nothing, Hastings Hampers and The Other Chef. 

There is an order form attached along with the product and price list.

Our P&C is an amazing, enthusiastic group who want the very best for our students. Please support this activity as it goes towards projects that support our students.

Cultivating Healthy Media Habits

With a recent overload of time at home and on the computer, many teens have formed unhealthy relationships with digital media. Constant exposure to news and information about the pandemic might have led to a sense of doom and gloom about the world and their future, so some balance might be healthy.

Here are some tips if you’re finding it hard to get your child into healthy digital habits:

  • Take regular breaks from social media each day.
  • Focus on an example of something positive each day when you check-in with them.
  • Many phones now have ‘digital wellbeing’ features that allow the user to monitor their own app usage, give them reminders when they exceed certain time limits, or restrain their app usage entirely.

Remember that building a better and more engaged relationship with school is something that takes time. Progress, not perfection, is the key.