Year 12 Graduation

Oh What a Night!

Congratulations 2019 Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus graduates! In my entire career I have not been to a Graduation as professional, warm and personal. From the staff positioned to receive the graduates, our captains in perfect uniform greeting Year 12 and their parents, to walking into the auditorium with beautiful flowers and a band set up – WOW! Mr Duck as MC was the perfect host. The special touches of each graduate being called out and then personally escorted by a captain to their table – priceless in terms of strong community spirit. Whilst is it important to celebrate our graduates, I also think you, as parents, deserve recognition. Here is a short excerpt of my speech last night.

“Before I address Year 12 … I wanted to acknowledge our parents here this evening. As an adult I only fully appreciated my time at school many years after I had left. I also realised in hindsight, the sacrifices that my parents made in sending me and supporting me in school. There is, of course, the financial commitment as well as the investment of time and energy.

To the students here tonight, if you are anything like me, you too may not fully appreciate the opportunities you have had and the numerous sacrifices and commitments that your parents have made until many years later.

The dedication that they have made is an enormous one and it is worth reflecting upon. I say to the parents here today, thank you for making that commitment. Your children are here this evening because of you.

You have been a very impressive group of students.  Many of you have been here since Year 7, some of you arrived along the way, but each one of you has added something special to this school.

To the wonderful Mrs Wells and Mrs Maurer– hats off to you both and the tireless support you have provided Year 12. Good luck with your journey and PLEASE keep in touch.”

Recently the Tacking Point Lions Club held their Youth of the Year Competition Congratulations to Kingsley Marks – Young Lion of the Year.  Kingslee is the overall winner and Tacking Point Lions Club Youth of the Year. He will represent Tacking Point Lions Club at the regional finals.

Congratulations to Brodie Knott – Outstanding Public Speaker!

Examination Week Cancelled

Thank you for your support in recent times in relation to the fire emergency. Whilst the immediate fire threat has eased we now face possible months of smoke and air quality challenges. Earlier this week I made the decision to cancel examinations. Tuesday highlighted that conditions are still uncertain. I am sure you all agree that if the smoke haze was anything like last week, or even this morning, to ask students to sit exams either in the MPC or the classroom, in those conditions, would not be ideal. Your child’s health and wellbeing are paramount.

All decisions at the Port Macquarie Campus will continue to be made in consultation with the RFS, NSW Health and the Department of Education. The school will not close unless directed to do so by the relevant authorities. Classes will operate as normal. 

Our Zenith students are busy focussing on their projects. I was very impressed with Year 7 today, maintaining a great work ethic and formulating such brilliant ideas. Their work is outstanding and I can’t wait to see the finished products.

Year 9 Camp

I wish our Year 9 students a safe week away. This is a camp that really brings a year group much closer. I thank Mr Harrison, Mrs Kelly, Mr Lyttle, Mrs Newbound and Mrs Smith for caring for our students whilst they are away. It’s a massive week and they leave their own families for the week to support Year 9.