The local fires continue to raise concern for our local community. Our thoughts go out to the parents and students of the Lake Innes, Lake Cathie and Bonny Hills areas. Today, I have learnt that areas around the Bellangry Estate, Lindfield Park, and Thrumster are under threat. Families, please contact us if there is anything we can help with.

Hastings Secondary College can offer our students so much, and we do. We have a diverse curriculum and many extra curricula activities. In Term 4 these include:

  • Clontarf leadership camp
  • GRIP Leadership
  • Ensemble Band and Jazz performances at the Glasshouse
  • Work Experience
  • Year 9 Camp
  • Theatre Oz Workshops
  • Year 12 Study Trip
  • Reward Days
  • Zenith Showcases
  • Physical Activity and Sport Studies activities

Staff deliver all of these however it is up to every individual to take full advantage of what is on offer. We have in our midst:  future academics, artists, architects, builders, plumbers, musicians, public speakers, musicians, chefs, environmentalists, scientists, politicians, athletes … the list goes on.

How do our students become one or a few of these things? They need and everyone has one, a success mindset. Success is the result of consistent and persistent hard work. Success is the sum of all of the small efforts repeated over and over in order to achieve. Success takes a dream. What is your dream? Once you have one, it then becomes a goal that you can action.

How will you get there?

Education. School. Here.

All of the people you interact with each day and over time: your teachers, support staff, parents and mentors, all provide you with the support you need in your learning to gain success.

Whilst lots of great things have been happening in and around the school, the MOST fantastic things take place in the classroom. Every single day. Be the student who has improved the most, be the student who gives 100% effort every lesson, be the student who does their best and be the student who cares for others. I challenge the entire student body to be that student.

Count down is on Year 12, my best wishes go to you.