Meaghan with captains

The term is moving very quickly. You will be able to read about the many activities that have been happening almost every day, both here at school and at outside venues, providing a wide range of experiences for students across all years. Year 9 students are making final preparations for their Gold Coast excursion in Week 7.  An exciting time will be had for all involved.

The HSC examinations have been progressing well and the final examination for students at our school is Tuesday 12 November. The Year 12 Formal will be held on Thursday 21November at Port Panthers, I know all the students and their families are looking forward to a night of celebrating the end of this chapter in their lives before taking on the challenges of the next.

Years 7 - 10 students are preparing to undertake end of course examinations and Year 11 have begun the HSC course in each of their subjects.  They should be preparing for the first of their very important HSC assessments scheduled for this term.

Planning for 2020 is well under way with subject choices and patterns of study already determined for students and lots of professional learning for staff.

Congratulations to Madison Crawford – Exchange student 2020

We are delighted that one of our student’s, Madison Crawford, has been officially accepted as a WEP exchange student for a year program to USA departing early 2020. I was told that through the application and personal interview Madison displayed curiosity and maturity, both of which are essential attributes of successful exchange students. To support the application, Madison received positive teacher recommendations from both Louise Newbound and Jennifer Smith.

Whilst in the USA, Madison will live with a volunteer host family and attend a local high school full-time. I know that Madison will use this opportunity to improve her communication skills, learn about a foreign culture, develop further self-awareness and meet interesting new people. We wish her every success!

Hastings Public School Fete

Last Saturday our student representative body volunteered at Hastings Public School for their “Hullaboo” fete. I was so proud of the care and respect demonstrated by our students to the many parents and young children at the fete. I also wanted to share with you a couple of letters that were sent to me about their participation.

Hi there

I was one of the organisers of Hastings public school’s fete on Saturday. I wanted to express our gratitude for the staff and students from HSC who came and helped and performed. I have been receiving lots of positive feedback about the students and how helpful and capable they were. They filled out our volunteer roster and were actually indispensable!

Please pass on our thanks and admiration.

Dear Stewart and Meaghan

On Saturday a number of Hastings Secondary College students and staff volunteered at the Hastings Public School Fete. I coordinated the BBQ and feel compelled to note how immensely impressed I was by the gentlemen who helped us. Thank you Towa, Mekhi, Brodie, Grant, Luke and Matt! Their assistance throughout the day was so very much appreciated – at least 2 people representing Hastings College provided invaluable help for the entire time the BBQ was running. But it was their positive attitude and willingness to get stuck into a supremely unappealing and unglamorous job that was so remarkable. Thanks also to you for organising an initiative like this where younger people have an opportunity to volunteer their time for a community event. I truly believe volunteering has intrinsic benefits for the individual as well as the organisations they assist, but I have this niggly feeling that we as a culture seem to assume that younger people will not be interested or capable – this group clearly demonstrated this is certainly not the case!

I’d ask you to wish these people luck in whatever career path they choose but I reckon luck will be completely redundant in their case. They will fly!

Thank you!

Parent Lounge Session – Thursday 7 November

I am looking forward to sharing a cup of tea with parents next Thursday at either 8.30am or 5.00pm in the staff common room.

The topics I would like to discuss with parents at this lounge session include:

  • Curriculum – what the focus of our 2020 school plan is.
  • Anti-Bullying Policy – we are in the process of revising this policy and I seek your input.
  • Update on how you feel our Mobile Phone Policy is operating.