Meaghan and Rotary

Term 2 has been an extraordinary school term.

The last term break was a flurry of activity over Easter, with so much work being done to ensure a smooth continuation of ‘learning from home’ for our students. Staff didn’t have much of an opportunity to rest in that time.

It was great that we could have our students back in classes with face-to-face learning sooner than anticipated. But I know it’s been demanding, particularly for our families. The migration to ‘at-home learning’, then a staged return followed by fully operational classrooms, marked an extremely challenging time.

I think we can all be pleased by how diligently we have managed all the challenges of Term 2 – and how successfully we have operated in the last five weeks. Your support for the strict protocols we have in place has been so appreciated as it has allowed our school gates to remain open and keep everyone safe.

On Tuesday we had our first whole school assembly in the MPC. I have attached an excerpt of my address to students for you, as parents, to read.

Throughout COVID 19, we have met with adversity and struggled to keep some normality to education. Our fundamental purpose was to inspire you that Education is more than just inspiring your mind and not just about filling your head with facts and figures. It is about looking out for loved ones and understanding that in hard times, it’s about a collective effort, us.

The Nike Shoe

Raise your hands if you know of Nike basketball shoes?

As a student here, I grew up with Basketball. My older brother, Darren, and I were heavily involved with the local Port Macquarie Basketball Association. There was a particular shoe at the time, a boot, so popular, so cool that to wear it, you felt you were on fire. I would see girls of my age from Sydney, wear this sacred boot as they came to Port Macquarie for competitions. I would attend those competitions and just admire the coolly dressed Sydney boys and girls.

I could not have asked my mum and dad for this shoe because we didn’t have the money; the shoes were not a priority! I was the youngest of 6 children. But, I promised myself that one day I would buy myself the Nike Air shoe because I believed I would play better.

Did I eventually get that shoe? Yes. Did it make me a better player? Probably, but only because in my mind it made me feel fearless when I had them on.

And the lesson here is clear:

It is not what you do not have that matters, the shoe was awesome but it was my attitude and action that made me a better player

Term 3

Students will return on Tuesday 21 July.

Stay safe and stay well.


Meaghan Cook