Principal's Message

National Sorry Day - 26 May 2019

National Sorry Day is an Australia-wide observance held on May 26 each year. This day gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities. Stolen generations refer to Indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their families and communities.

National Sorry Day acknowledges and raises awareness of the history and continued effect of the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from their families, communities and culture. I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the traditional custodians (past, present and future) of this land of the Biripai people who long before us lived, loved and raised their children. I also acknowledge all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in our community and their physical and spiritual connections to their land. We come together to learn, to share and to journey together.

Year 12 Reports

Year 12 reports will be distributed to students and their parents / carers next week. Our reporting process is an integral part of our teaching and learning process.

Having read all Year 12 reports, I have some ‘take away’ observations to share;

  1. Our teachers know your child very well. 
  2. Teacher knowledge of their subjects and NESA requirements are outstanding
  3. Students who have a Platinum or ATAR pathway are encouraged to place all their efforts into class activities and to study more. Teachers have offered additional study sessions to support your child’s knowledge and understanding of course material. There were numerous comments that students could place even more effort into their subjects,
  4. Flex / Industry based Training and Fast Track to Employment pathway students are on track to receive their credentials. I was very pleased to read how well students are engaging in their work placements and TAFE courses.

Year 11 Mid Course Examinations

Examinations begin on Monday 27th May (next week) and occur across the College. They are a great opportunity for students to practice responding to examination questions in a formal environment. This is to assist them in preparation for their HSC in 2010. I strongly encourage students to prepare for these examinations.

Year 10 to 11 Career and Study Pathways Program

Our subject selection process has begun. We held a preliminary meeting with Year 10 on Thursday to discuss with students the timeframe for this process and for students to start considering their pathway for 2020. All students were provided with an information booklet and interview sheet in order to make a time to sit with one of our experienced staff members to discuss the most appropriate pathway for your child. We base these interviews on previous assessment of your child, their career aspirations (if they have one as yet and the subjects they like. Parents have been invited to book in with their child to speak on a one to one basis.


It’s great to see students in correct attire. Thank you to you and to our parents in supporting us in achieving this.