Ian Ross


I spend some time with students in the last week of term discussing their academic reports. I indicated that potential employers will be interested in a number of things about them and that their reports can often supply that information. Firstly attendance. People are interested in people that turn up. Same thing applies at school. Every lesson, every day. Do this and things start to happen in a positive way. Secondly, what are your teachers saying about you. It’s not all about the grade, it is about the application to the task. These two basic concepts, if developed, will hold our students in good stead for the future.

Your will see featured in this newsletter a number of fantastic things that have happened on the campus in the last week of term and during the school holidays . These being:

  • ABC 7.30 Report interviewing Lloyd Godson and his students about their Marine Studies excursion to Lady Elliot Island.
  • Official opening of the Supported Learning Chicken Coop
  • Iesha Apthorpe - Secretary for the Day
  • Drama Camp
  • CityServe Westport Clean up day
  • Mural for a day
  • Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Parent Seminar organised for late August
  • Students working on their acqubots
  • Morgan Jean aces the pool joining the elite North Coast Academy of Sport squad
  • Koala Smart Program - Tacking Point Lions Club
  • Port Macquarie Rotary West garden beds and planting in our supported learning unit
  • City Serve clean up of the campus including painting, planting, barkchips for gardens and cleanup

All of these support the availability of opportunity at Hastings Secondary College and confirm the depth of quality staff ,  students and connected community that we have in the college.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support of the Westport campus and of Hastings Secondary College over the past term. I am looking forward to working with you in Term 3.