Dear Parents, Carers and Students

Can I say that in all this uncertainty, your support of myself and our staff has been overwhelming.

I know I say this often, but I am VERY proud to be a part of this campus, this College.

I have detailed below the planning for Westport Campus over the next coming weeks and into Term 2.

Rolls will be marked each day for students attending school. If parents/carers are self-isolating their child/ren at home as per the Premier's direction, they need notify their campus on 6583 6400 or email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au)  otherwise the student will be marked as absent unexplained for those days.

This is an unprecedented time, and we need unprecedented kindness. Stay well, and be kind, friends. We need it now more than ever.

I’ll leave you with this:

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

There are 2 parts to this planning. 

  1. Part 1: Week 10
  2. Part 2: Week 11 and into Term 2

Part 1 - Week 10 (30/3/20)

Daily Organisation for students on site

In an attempt to maintain student and staff safety, we are minimising student movement around the school site as well as reducing their mixing / socialising with others. For the remainder of the term students will therefore remain with their Home (Year) Group throughout the day and occupy the same classroom for each lesson. These groups may further collapse as student numbers decline.

  • Year 7 –   Maths FLU
  • Year 8 –   PE – Mezzanine (Library)
  • Year 9 –   Science Lab 4
  • Year 10 – English
  • Year 11 and 12 - Library

Timetables for the day will delivered and distancing guidelines will be followed.

Faculties will be in charge of organising materials for each year group. We will ensure they are meaningful learning materials.

Support for students at home:

As per our website students can access tasks. There is NO requirement to mark or provide feedback to these tasks.

Part 2 - Week 11 (6/3/20) Onwards

What if my child needs to come to School?

The Premier of NSW has strongly encouraged families to keep children at home. If this is not possible, our site will be open with staff present to supervise students’ online learning.

Social distancing guidelines will be strictly applied. This means students attending school will NOT experience a regular school day. It is highly likely that outdoor spaces may need to be used for students undertaking online lessons. Students will need to prepare for this - ie, dress warmly on cold days.

Playground areas will be limited and students assigned to a particular area.

Students must bring their own food. The canteen is closed.

Extra-curricular activities will not take place, and the site will close at 2.30pm.

We will be utilising a blended learning approach – online delivery that allows students at home to have the SAME access to their learning as students who attend school. All students will complete the same digital and non digital learning tasks under the supervision of a staff member.

Work will be online.

Lunch time allocated areas for students

  • Year 7 –  Year 7 Area
  • Year 8 –  COLA/MPC
  • Year 9 –  Back of MPC
  • Year 10 – Canteen
  • Year 11 and 12 - Library

Attendance and Roll Marking

Rolls will be marked each day for students attending school. If parents/carers are self-isolating their child/ren at home as per the Premiers' directions, they need notify their campus on 6583 6400 or email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au)  otherwise the student will be marked as absent unexplained for those days.

How will Hastings Secondary College facilitate Learning from Home?

  • Students are encouraged to follow their normal Timetabled lessons as there will be a greater chance they will be able to connect with their teachers. Weekly lessons will proceed online (see below) and this will reflect the only lesson content delivered for all students, whether working from home or at school. A hard copy of resources can be picked up from the school administration office (on request)
  • All classes have an online learning platform. This could be Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, MS OneNote or similar.
  • Students can use this online platform to complete their learning activities and communicate with their teachers.
  • If students do not have an online account platform such as Google classroom, they can contact their teacher by emailing the school at (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au)  with subject: Attn Mr / Mrs …….
  • Student questions regarding learning materials should be asked directly through the class online learning platform.
  • Various forms of electronic delivery tools are being explored but may not be used straight away. Communication regarding these technologies will occur after processes have been put in place for their use.
  • All information about tasks will be communicated by class teacher via the online learning platform.
  • Examination style (in-class tasks) are cancelled until further notice. Years 11 and 12 students are required to keep regular communications with their teachers to keep informed of possible assessment tasks modifications.
  • All summative (formal) assessment tasks for years 7-10 have been cancelled for Term 2.
  • The usual rules around illness/misadventure apply. Factors solely related to ‘Learning from Home’ are unlikely to constitute grounds for misadventure.
  • Students are reminded that upon completion, the illness / misadventure application should be emailed to the relevant Head Teacher for processing.
  • If you require a technology device (laptop) to assist with your child’s learning and have access to the internet at home, please contact your Campus Deputy Principal via email on (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au) with the subject: Attn Deputy Principal Yr …
  • Learning Support structures will continue, albeit with adaptations. The Learning Support Team will provide an adapted schedule for programs such as Social Emotional Learning. Disability Provisions processes will have more limited application in Learning from Home, because there will be no examination-style tasks.
  • Student wellbeing support structures will also be adapted by our Wellbeing Team. This will be communicated as soon as possible.
  • Technology support is available. Please contact our Technical Support Office by calling the school (6583 6400) or by emailing (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au)  with subject: Attn Tech Support
  • Official school communication will continue as normal via Newsletters / Facebook and emails.

How can students make the most of Learning from Home?

Students must know their teacher’s Google Classroom code, and/or other online learning platforms. Students must check their Department of Education email for this information.

Students are to:

  • Organise their physical space at home. Make sure the space for learning is neat and tidy.
  • Use their timetable to be organised and ready to learn at the timetabled time.
  •  Take the initiative with their learning – it is up to students to make this work as best as possible.
  • Complete tasks with integrity and academic honesty. Students are to do their best work.
  • Meet timelines, commitments and due dates. Students are to communicate proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support.

How can Parents Help?

The task of establishing new routines and schedules, whilst juggling work responsibilities, could prove to be disruptive and challenging for families.

We will work to ensure your child’s academic needs are met, and families will need to play a key role in providing them with the structure and groundwork for success. Our young people will be looking towards their parents to keep things in context and help ease the transition to a different learning environment.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, through SchoolTV, has provided us with some guidelines for families on how best to navigate this time of transition with minimal disruption.

Please watch this short video for some tips and ideas to support your child in this new learning environment.


  • Set clear and positive expectations that learning will continue at home.
  • Please understand that Learning from Home cannot look the same as the regular learning process.
  • It is recommended that students follow their school timetable. This is to ensure your child/ren are ready to learn at the scheduled time.
  • Ensure that sleep patterns and morning routines are regular and structured.
  • Manage your children’s phone/s during lesson times. Phones are a distraction and parents will need to help manage this, by considering steps such as physically placing phones away during timetabled lessons.
  • Clarify exactly when tasks are due and assist your child/ren with submission.
  • Make changes to your home so that there is a clear and organised space for learning. A space/location for extended learning should be a public/family space, not in a bedroom.
  • Please do not directly interact with Google Classroom (or other online platform), as this is a student learning space.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HSC is going ahead in 2020

The College will be adjusting assessments to accommodate the changing circumstance.

NESA (24/3/2020) :

Effective immediately the Board is giving principals or system authorities the power to make decisions about the number and weighting of HSC formal assessment tasks for their school in 2020. The Board affirms its complete trust in principals and teachers.

“This action provides schools with the flexibility they need to support their students in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak,” Professor Shergold said.

What if my child needs a textbook or other hard-copy resource?

The school site remains open. If you need to access resources from the school, please email your request to the school email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au) so we can have the correct resources ready for you to collect from Reception in A Block.

What if I need to contact a Deputy Principal or Head Teacher?

Please contact the school via the school email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au) and state in the subject line the person’s name, or role that you wish to contact (eg, ATTN: Deputy Principal Year 7).

What if my child finds the work too difficult?

The online platform is the “classroom” - students are encouraged to ask questions and ask for assistance through this platform.

What if my child needs additional support / modifications to access learning?

Classroom teachers will build-in adjustments as per usual practice. The Learning and Support teacher will set up a classroom for all learning and support students so that additional assistance is provided.

What if my child needs extension work?

The online platform is the “classroom” - students are encouraged to write questions and ask for assistance through this platform.

What if I need to speak with a Year Adviser?

Year Advisers are accessible via email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au).

How can I access the Teacher Librarians for support with research?

Teacher Librarians can be accessed via email (hsc-westport-school@det.nsw.edu.au)

What if there is “group work” in the subject my child studies?

Teachers will determine the nature of this task and alternatives may be considered. Students should communicate with classroom teachers through their online learning platform.

What if my child does a subject with practical work?

Teachers are investigating all options in regard to practical work. We understand that there will changes and adjustments as we navigate Learning from Home and teachers will provide more advice about practical work as it becomes available.

Will every subject/teacher be using the same online platform?

While Google Classroom is the most popular platform, some classes operate within other platforms. Your child has received information from their teachers about the platform being used and how to access it.

Will the canteen be open?

No. The canteen will be closed in line with Department of Education advice to create social distancing.

Will school bus services continue to operate?

At present, the bus services will operate as normal.

What about extra-curricular activities?

All extra-curricular activities have been cancelled until further notice. There are no exceptions to this.