This week I had the opportunity to attend the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council Annual Conference. It is my understanding that it is one of the most significant events on the educational calendar in NSW. The professional learning that took place over three days was extensive, and it provided me with the opportunity to share ideas, learn from others and formulate new ideas as we move forward in our educational journey.

I took the following things away with me;

  1. Education policies and systems are in transition all around the world. That is, what kind of education systems do we need to help all young people to live a good life? What does success in education look like? How can we, as a community, tailor our learning pathways to be stronger, more accessible and contemporary so that our students in Year 7 2020 are ready for work by 2030? Work that we don’t know exists yet. We have plans, and I am so excited to enact on them in the years to come.
  2. Teachers today are expected to wear an increasing number of hats – they are charged with looking after student’s academic growth, social development, psychological wellbeing and vocational skills. In all this, they come and produce outstanding results every day.
  3. There are several current social issues affecting male students. Interestingly, the rate of mental health in our boys is slightly more alarming than for girls. Boys wellbeing is essential, and I plan on looking at developing a boy’s wellbeing strategy for our school in the future.
  4. Let’s make the main thing, the main thing! Every moment matters, every student, every day. What is our main thing? Your child’s learning.

Just a reminder that we have our P&C Meeting on Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the staff common room. I would love to see as many parents there as possible as I am hoping to announce the successful tender of the canteen. The tender will commence Day 1, Term 3. I am also providing a Principal Report to the P&C, which will provide parents with specific information about the learning directions of our campus.

I have been so impressed with the quality of uniform across the campus. Thank you to you, the parents and carers for supporting us in raising the expectation of correct attire at school.


Best wishes,

Meaghan Cook