Meaghan Cook

Welcome all to the end of Week 7. 

In line with health advice, Hastings Secondary College are operating full time, and many additional activities are now able to recommence. The campus has returned to full-time on-campus learning. With updated health advice and changes to state and national restrictions, we are able to recommence the majority of school-based activities from either 15 June 2020 or the start of Term 3 (20 July 2020). Some activities are continuing to be considered.

Summary of the guidelines include:

From Thursday 11 June
White card training (student construction induction training ) can be conducted on site from now by external providers

  • All curricular or extra-curricular programs or services delivered by Department of Education staff can recommence

From Monday, 15 June the following will be permitted:

  • Choirs and performing arts at school within your school setting only
  • Incursions/external providers relating to curriculum
  • Some activities which involve students visiting other schools
  • Return of TVET and school based apprenticeships to TAFE
  • Most community use activities

From Term 3, schools can resume the following:

  • All school sport and activities including competition aligned with current health advice
  • Inter-school student events and competitions
  • Incursions/external providers not already permitted involving external adult providers
  • SRE/SEE volunteers
  • Work experience for students

Please review more detail at our website here.

Good deeds have a ripple effect, and hospitality students from Westport Campus and Port Macquarie Campus experienced this first-hand when they cooked a three-course meal for families in our community who need a helping hand.

Not only does this allow students to gain the necessary hands-on experience needed in their studies, but it also teaches them about paying it forward and giving back to the community.

These lessons create more well-rounded students with a broader perspective of the difference that they can make through real-life experiences. The meals were delivered by the Salvation Army to five families.

The three-course meal included chicken noodle soup, potato and leek soup, shepherd's pie, roast pork and lamb with roast vegetables, lemon meringue pie, apple pie and a fruit basket.

Year 10 into 11 Question and Answer session for parents and students will be delivered this week online assist with information sharing for Senior Subject Selection. The online presentation will consist of a short introduction and a chance for parents to ask general questions. If students or parents have further questions, please contact Mr Mark White, Careers Advisor.

All student assessment has been revised due to the change in teaching and learning over the past few weeks. The students will be aware of revised assessment types and due dates. The expectation will be all assessments to be submitted by their revised due dates as per communication from their class teacher. If students are struggling with assessment completion or feel they are not on track to meet respective due dates, it is important they communicate their concerns early with their teacher.

During the year, our leadership team reviews the successes and key milestones achieved throughout the year aligned to our College Plan. This is also an excellent opportunity to identify any areas that may not be gaining the desired traction and review what needs to be tweaked/changed to allow for greater success. Another critical agenda will be to capture all of the achievements of our recent remote learning and look at which digital platforms had the greatest success and streamlining our use of platforms for students across Years 7-12.

One key aspect of maintaining our high standards and excellence in everything we do is for all students to present themselves with pride each day in wearing the correct uniform. A reminder all students are required to wear black leather shoes, this is critical for Work Health and Safety, particularly in practical subjects such as Science, Hospitality and Industrial Arts.


Warm regards

Meaghan Cook

Principal Port Macquarie Campus