I  thank the whole school community for making me feel so welcome in my first ten days at Port Macquarie Campus. What a big ten days they have been! From the first Professional Development day in Week 1 where we focussed on wellbeing, the opportunity to meet parents in a relaxed setting via our parent lounge sessions, to the Gala opening of the Film by the Breakwall it has been a fabulous introduction to a dynamic, innovative learning environment. I am so grateful to have joined this community!

Our parent lounge meetings held on 7th May were extremely informative and honest. I appreciated the openness of our families in wanting to develop our school to  home relationship further.

There were several key themes that came out as a result of these meetings. These included discussion and strategies around future Parent-Teacher conferences, subtle changes to allow our newsletter to be more streamlined and functional to access, how we can identify structures that assist parents in communicating with teachers and head teachers more fluidly and the offer of training to support the community in the use of our parent portal. What resonated with me in these sessions  how supportive our parent body is and your genuine desire to know about what is taking place at school.

This new newsletter structure, I hope, will demonstrate that we have listened to parent suggestions and have started to enact on them.

I  reiterate an essential aspect of our school - that  the wearing of school uniform. We believe that the wearing of uniform is integral to providing and maintaining high standards of education, self-esteem and safety for our student body. The four primary reasons for wearing our uniform are:

1.    It helps foster school spirit and pride in the College, particularly our campus

2.    It provides clear identification of our students within the school and community

3.    It promotes cohesion within the campus, breaking down discrimination based on financial, religious or cultural background

4.    It reflects workplace practice and safety.

Over the coming weeks, I will be encouraging all students to wear full school uniform. We will have regular uniform checks throughout the term. If your child does not have the correct uniform, please provide a note to explain why. I have included in this newsletter a copy of our uniform requirements. I understand that some families may not have the financial means, at present, to support us in achieving full school uniform. If this is the case, please contact the school and we would be happy to help you with this.