Port Macquarie Year 12 Graduation

Reflection of the last 13 years of school at Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus took place on the last day of term.

The assembly was inspired by the talents, efforts, and application of our Year 12 students.

Principal Port Macquarie Campus Lorraine Haddon made a special presentation to Mr and Mrs James who had their eighth child, James, graduate in 2018. 

Port Macquarie Campus recognised the James family and their enormous contribution to campus life.


James Family

The principal’s award for the student who has performed the best in the HSC assessments is calculated across all subjects studied, and the award recipient is our first college student. 

He completed years 7 to 10 at Westport Campus and Years 11 and 12 at Port Macquarie Campus. He has contributed significantly to year 12 and is actively involved in campus life. 

The winner has studied seven HSC subjects and gained top assessment in all of them. He achieved First in Ancient History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ext 1 Mathematics, and Mathematics. Congratulations go to Tom Preen. 

Tom Preen

The Battle of Long Tan which took place in the Vietnam War holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Australians. In recognition of one of the defining moments in Australian military history, in August 2006 the then Prime Minister announced that it would be fitting to name the awards that the 'Australian Defence Forces gives for Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards the Long Tan Award.

The Long Tan Award goes to Samet Portakadali.

Mr Rueben F. Scarf initiated the next award, as he believed that "young people who are persistent and dedicated, are the ones who ultimately reach their goals. A little recognition and help can be the magic that builds the confidence necessary to start them on their way upwards."

The 2018 awardee is to a student who has demonstrated this persistence and dedication. 

The Rueben F. Scarf award goes to Tahnee Blackhall.

Good sportsmanship encompasses many aspects of a person's character, the most fundamental being respect. A good sportsman and sportswoman respect both their teammates and their opponents as equals.

The athlete plays with integrity, with heart, and with maturity. In short, the qualities that go into making a great person are the same ones that contribute being a great sportsman and sportswoman. 

The year 12 Sportsman of the year is Blake Elliott. Blake exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship for all his campus years. He has represented the campus in touch, athletics, volleyball, basketball, and swimming and got to state and regional levels in touch and athletics.

He not only encompasses the previously mentioned qualities but has also been awarded the Pierre de Coubertin award earlier on in the year, which he went down to Sydney to receive.

This award, also known as the True Spirit of Sportsmanship award, is a special award, recognising secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities.

The year 12 Sportswoman of the year is Chloe Wilson. Chloe has demonstrated great sportsmanship through a wide variety of sports. Chloe is involved in hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and futsal.  Chloe has represented the campus in hockey at a regional level this year.

The Learning to Live Award goes to Mali Green and Hannah Wicks. The Learning to Live Award goes to students with a disability in recognition of their hard work and willingness to learn and grow academically and personally. 

Hannah has always taken every opportunity provided to her. She has actively involved herself in campus activities, participating enthusiastically.

Hannah always works diligently, with tasks thoroughly completed and displayed a great work ethic at all her work placements.

Hannah has always been a positive role model for the junior girls in the Life Skills Class.

Mali always approaches any given task with a smile and perseveres with tasks that she finds challenging.

Mali experienced success in her work placements and demonstrated a great work ethic at all times. Mali is always helpful and empathetic to students who may be struggling.

The ‘Outstanding Indigenous Student of the Year’ goes to Chelsea Jewel

Chelsea is a highly deserving recipient as her dedication to her studies is admirable.

Chelsea was the 2018 runner-up for the National Zonta Business Women’s essay competition where she was able to draw together the threads of her indigenous heritage through family knowledge and shared experiences.

Chelsea’s goal of achieving her dream career in medicine has sustained her during the toughest of times when multiple adverse factors could have been a reason to give up.

Her tenacity and resilience will forever support her as she takes on greater and greater challenges. 

Her outstanding efforts and high-level interpersonal skills are an exceptional role model for all students.

Connor Dewberry has been a member of the Port Macquarie Clontarf Academy at Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus since he was in year 10 when we first started in 2016.

He has been a quiet achiever throughout the two years in our program and has gained casual work with our Clontarf Partners (K-Mart).

We are very proud that Connor has completed his schooling & has graduated Year 12 at Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus.

The Caltex All Rounder Award is an award that has been presented to Year 12 students for over 30 years, acknowledging their all-around contributions to their campus and communities.

The areas considered when making the award include academic, attitude, personal conduct, leadership, service, and sport. This year’s winner is one of our campus leaders, who has made outstanding contributions to campus life and sport while always showing great personal integrity.

The Caltex All Rounder award goes to Blake Elliot.

The Port Macquarie Hastings Council Community award goes to a student in Year 12 who not only actively participates in the community but shows leadership by encouraging others to do so.

The council wants the award to promote those who help the community, particularly if we are to continue to make our area a wonderful place to live for all community members.

The recipient has not only been active herself in almost every opportunity for community service but has encouraged others particularly through social media. 

The Port Macquarie Hastings Council Community award goes to Miriam Woof.

The Award for Excellence in contributions to Dance goes to Shea Lamont

Shea has consistently represented and won at Regional, District and this year State level in all disciplines of Dance as well as being an accomplished choreographer.

In 2018 she has achieved a regional 3rd place, two regional 2nd places, regional first place and named regional Champion Dancer.

She received a mark of 95% for her major own composition piece in her HSC trial gaining a nomination for call-back 2018.

Shea was asked to audition and offered positions for professional Dance School companies both here, and interstate including Spectrum in Melbourne, Dance Force in Queensland and has ultimately accepted a position with Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance.

She has been a part of Dance Festival both locally and at State Level and has been College Dance Captain the past two years. 

Excellence in Agriculture goes to Grace Rogers. Grace has excelled in all areas of Agriculture.  

She first became involved in agriculture in Year 8 with Farmers Market, where she competed in the Cows Create Careers Program, gaining First Place.

Grace’s interest and enthusiasm for agriculture led her also to join the Cattle Team in Year 8, where she developed a range of skills and abilities in the handling and showing of cattle. 

Over her many years of involvement, Grace has continued to excel in all aspects of Cattle Judging as well as the Parading and Presentation of livestock. 

Along the way, Grace has gathered a bounty of ribbons and prizes competing at local, regional and state levels.  Her confidence and natural speaking ability have enabled Grace to achieve a high level of success among her peers and fellow competitors.

She qualified for the State Final of Fruit and Vegetable Judging at the Sydney Royal Easter Show taking out 3rd Place. She has also competed at State level in Sheep Judging in 2017.

Grace has since completed her HSC 2 Unit Agriculture through distance education. Grace is focussed and determined toward achieving her goals.  She has demonstrated dedication, enthusiasm and leadership skills in Agriculture.

Nearly every town or city has a thriving Rotary Club at its community core, and Port Macquarie is no exception.

Rotary Projects take place around global peace, conflict resolution, disease prevention, water sanitation, maternal health, economic and community development as well as education and literacy.  

The Rotary Citizenship Award goes to James Jackson for ongoing dedication to educational initiatives and successful participation in opportunities that further an understanding and appreciation for community programs and organisations.

The Dr Roger Gammon award for Excellence in Science goes to Tom Preen.

Dr Roger Gammon passed away three years ago. He was a world-renowned scientist in the fields of nuclear energy and solar power.

In his retirement, he became a mentor for our students trying to go to the National Youth Science Forum.

We are very honoured to have his wife Diana present this exceptional award to Tom Preen who has an ongoing inquisitive approach to science-based research and knowledge.

Tom is a student who has demonstrated an exemplary approach to his studies in this area and achieved success across all facets of this area of learning. 

The 2018 Award for Community Service goes to Taylor Gunning who is admired and respected for her community spirit and giving nature. Taylor is selfless and has empathy for others.

The Country Women’s Association of Australia or CWA is the largest women's organization in Australia.

It has 44,000 members across 1855 branches. It aims to improve the conditions for country women and children and to try to make life better for women and their families, the Country Women’s Association has donated a special award to our campus for the student who commits to Community Service.

The Port Macquarie P and C  Campus Spirit Award acknowledges a student who has made significant contributions to campus life.

The winner of this award is involved in campus leadership since Year 7; she is a great organiser as well as a contributor. She has many skills in the areas of Creative and Performing Arts; it is always a pleasure to see her perform. The winner has represented the campus in the community on many occasions in a variety of areas.

The Port Macquarie Campus P & C Spirit Award goes to Miriam Woof.

Midcoast connect is a not-for-profit locally-based organisation, established in 1997, who works with our campus to support young people with their transition from school into further education, training or employment.

Mid Coast connect Awards go to the following students recognised for their skill and efforts as exemplary VET students.

  • Hospitality Miriam Woof
  • Award Excellence and Diligence Keira Cox
  • Retail Hannah Wicks
  • Metals and Engineering Charlie Woodham
  • Construction Taylor Gunning

The recipients of the 2018 Year Advisor awards are:

  • Tiegan Munro – contributions to school life
  • Tahnee Blackwell – consistent application
  • Jessica Foley – most improved student
  • Helen Charles – consistent academic application
  • Grace Rogers – Excellent application
  • Claudia Hay – Year advisor award
  • Mali Green – Year advisor award
  • Ruben Kazamias – Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Draedyn Sawtell - Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Jessica Foley - Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Jamie Alaban - Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Makayla Miles - Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Eliza Fay - Most reliable BBQ cooks
  • Claudia Hay - Most reliable BBQ cooks

Being a part of the Student Representative Council on our campus is a privilege. You are the voice for the student body and many students in Year 12 took this challenge seriously and worked hard to give students a view and to represent them in our campus and the broader community.

Congratulations go to Tiegan, Dorothee, Blake, Samet, and Miriam for their service to the Student Representative Council.

First in subjects go to:

  • Tom Preen – First in Ancient History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ext 1 Mathematics, and Mathematics
  • Taylor Gunning – First in English Studies, Construction, Industrial Technology Timber
  • James Jackson – Tied First in Extension History and Modern History and receives the book prize from Mr Jackson.
  • Rachel Goodwin – Tied First in Extension History and Extension 2 English
  • Samet Portakadali – First in Advanced English and PDHPE
  • Dorothee Steinback – First in VET Hospitality and Maths General 2
  • Rueben Kazamias – First in Sports Leisure and Recreation and VET Retail
  • Helen Charles – First in English Extension 1
  • Jasmin Forrester – First in Geography
  • Bailey Neal – First in Community and Family Studies
  • Thanee Blackhall – First in Legal Studies
  • Charlie Woodham – First in VET Metals and Engineering
  • Kera Abrahms Chapman – First in Maths General 1
  • Brooke Davenport – First in Business Studies
  • Georgia Schuback – First in Visual Arts
  • Tanisha Palmer – First in Music 1
  • Charlie Zachanivoiv – First in English Standard
  • TianTian Hu – First in Food technology
  • Nicole Steer – First in Drama studied at Westport Campus
  • Zack Erdelyi – First in Industrial Technology Multimedia studied at Westport Campus                                      



Year 12 Adviser Graduation Speech - Hamish Keddie