Port Macquarie Campus Captains’ candidates’ profiles

Taylor Dures

Tayla Duress

Being at this school since Year 7 I’ve seen every year of captains since 2014. I’ve seen how differently each captain was and how some do it amazingly or some have an average run. I would like to see how I can do it, bring my own ideas to the table and do the job of the school captain the best I can. To be school captain would mean a lot to me because it is something I have wanted to do since being at this school and to be granted that opportunity, I would give everything to the job.

Faith Elliott

To be given the opportunity to run for school captain is amazing. If I were to be elected I would put my everything into making Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus the best it can be. I will show pride at community events and do my absolute best to support all teachers and students no matter what it is! I thank the school for giving me this opportunity.

Tahli Enfield

Hey, I’m Tahli Enfield, and if this doesn’t give enough evidence, I am running for school captain for 2019. I aspire to be captain for a few reasons. 1. For my future career I would love to work for the UN in leading positions creating change. School captain is the perfect step for this. 2. I love writing and presenting speeches. 3. I could really do with some extra ATAR marks to be accepted into University. So help me out and give Tahli a vote. Cheers

Tina Nguyen

Since beginning school here in Year 7, I have taken much pride in this school and believe that I could take on the role of school captain. When taking on this role I would like to improve the school by doing things in favour of everyone. I will listen to what you believe could be fixed or improved to make it a place everyone wants to be. I’m willing to take on any challenges and believe I can take on the responsibilities of school captain. EMAIL: hsc-portmac-school@det.nsw.edu.au WEBSITE: hastingssecondarycollege.schools.nsw.edu.au

Camilla Moen

Hi, I’m Camilla. I’ve been a proud member of this school since Year 7. I would love to be the captain of this great school, and I will try my best to make this school the best it can be. Being school captain would mean that I can be the voice for all the students. I think that being school captain would be a great and worthwhile opportunity that I hope I am able to undertake.

Skye Vaughan

I am a proud student at Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus. I would love the opportunity to represent the campus in the wider community. Hastings Secondary College has provided me with many opportunities to represent the school in multiple areas. I strive for success but value the importance of teamwork and honesty. I like to be the best I can at school, work and all my sports. I am a positive role model and would love the opportunity to be the school’s voice as school captain.

Zac Terley

I have been at this school since Year 7, and I have watched it grow and prosper over time. However, I strongly believe there are many things that can be improved on in this school. For example, to give the school an improved look we can paint it in school colours, using money raised from school events such as mufti days. My bigger focus however at our school is to make sure all students feel open to opportunity and feel catered for. I think being easy to approach and confide in as a person is another thing that I would like students to feel comfortable doing with me, so I can personally hear opinions of students and look after and take into account their wellbeing if I become captain.

Ben Harris

To become Captain of Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus, would be very meaningful to me. I am extremely proud of my school and have always strived to represent it to the best of my ability, whether that be sporting or academic. To be placed in a position where I would be presented with opportunities to do this more frequently would mean a great deal to me, and would also allow me to accomplish my goal; leaving my school as a better place, for staff and students alike, than when I arrived here.

Riley Pritchard

Last year on exchange in Belgium, I learnt more about myself in the first four months than I could ever have living at home in Australia with my family. I learnt so much about people and what I want to do and be in life, and I believe becoming a captain would teach me even more about leadership and life in general. It would also be a great opportunity to give back to the amazing school that has started me on such a great path.

Lewis Kranitis

After being a student at Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus I, Lewis Kranitis, have decided to run for School Captain. This is a position that I did not even know about until Year 8 let alone a position I would have thought I would be running for one day. I have participated in as many sporting and academic events as possible, truly becoming a student of our school. I believe my contribution to this school provides me with a greater understanding of the things that should and need to be changed. You may not care about this role, but this role will affect you and your peers in this school. So remember vote 1 Lewis Kranitis. Thanks. EMAIL: hsc-portmac-school@det.nsw.edu.au WEBSITE: hastingssecondarycollege.schools.nsw.edu.au

Jake Stuckey

I’m proud of our school and everything we as a school community achieve. I’m a strong believer that everyone should have pride in being a student at Hastings Secondary College. I want to represent this school for what it is. Sure, I can’t give everyone a free period or lower the canteen prices, but I can make our school a happy and even fun (believe it or not) place we can all enjoy.