Parliamnet House

As student leaders, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity of travelling to Sydney to attend a Student Leadership program alongside Mr Duck. We were invited to attend NSW Parliament House where we were amongst other schools from across the state where a panel of Members of Parliament discussed the importance of leadership along with having a question and answer section. Not only did we get a tour of Parliament House and its lovely view of Sydney's most famous attractions by Leslie Williams, but we were also given the opportunity to witness the different debates happening in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council Chamber. 

Following that experience, we walked over to Government House for our guided tour where we learnt about the significance that everything in it holds, whilst also learning about the history of the house and past Governors. We were also lucky enough to meet the Governor of NSW, Her Excellency Margaret Beazley, who talked about her significant role, as well as hosting a significant question and answer time. We were able to learn different things about the diverse range of student leaders who attended and were even given special invitations to attend afternoon tea with the Governor where we could talk to her face to face.

Despite the cold weather where we all almost turned into icy poles, we were able to experience something different whilst also learning new things and making new friends on the trip. While overall it was a most overall memorable trip, if you asked me what the most memorable thing was, it would be that I discovered the Governor (apart from working from 8am to about 11pm each day) also likes yoga and walks in the garden which I'd say was very beautiful.


By Tina Nguyen

Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus School Captain