Meeting minutes

Key Themes and Feedback


Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Terminology. Parents unsure what a parent conference was. Plain language to be used when speaking with parents. They understand the concept of Parent Teacher Interviews.
  • Year 11 and 12 Parent Interviews separated from 7 – 10 interviews
  • More time allocated to Year 11 and 12 interviews per subject
  • Year Advisors available for interviews at Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Notification of Parent Teacher Interviews with a SMS morning to confirm.
  • SMS notification to remind parents to complete interviews online with teachers in parent portal.
  • Signage too small
  • Pictures of teachers – first time parents didn’t know what teachers looked like.
  • First time parents not sure what to do at Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Scheduled times by teachers not kept to. Pushed out other interviews
  • Parent advised she waited 1 ½ hours to get through all teachers because of the time over-runs
  • Bell to move parents onto next appointment
  • Assistance and/or training on how to book online
  • Privacy of conversations. Many conversations overheard which we not appropriate. Suggested that conferences are held in teacher’s room. Allowing a 4-minute changeover to get to next teachers room.


  • Weekly newsletter with changed format. This requires teachers to provide information on time on news items and events. It also requires Head Teachers to provide information such as ICAS information etc. Sports and Year Advisors need to provide content on a weekly basis.
  • Principal Message
  • Term Calendar – with links
  • Whole of School Events coming up next week
  • Information by Year Group
  • News – Hero Story and list of news story’s with links to read more
  • P&C
  • Community News
  • Connect with us – how to contact
  • Notes put into newsletter as link to download if necessary
  • Newsletter to be posted on Facebook as a link
  • News information for various areas to go onto the web and hyperlinked in the newsletter
  • Link to calendar
  • Want to know what is coming up – scaffold of events

Communication with Teachers and Head Teachers

  • Organisational chart and duties of head teachers and year advisors with photograph and email contact.
  • Overview of where parents go and when. i.e. when do they go to the head teacher when do they go to Year Advisor.

Phone Messages

  • Phone messages not getting through to teachers
  • Front office staff don’t know what is going on to assist parents when they call.

Parent Portal

  • When parent send emails via parent portal to teachers – no response
  • No notification to teachers that an email is waiting for them in parent portal
  • Where do notes site for excursions etc. if parents need to download again if they are lost etc. What notes accessible on parent portal.
  • Can Sentral send out a message via SMS when something is uploaded for their child
  • Email notifications/alerts need to take place when new communication is put in place
  • Is there a communication tool like Skoolbag?
  • Is there an app
  • Homework on parent portal
  • Not all teachers use parent portal consistently
  • Excursion attachment in parent portal
  • Payment of school fees on parent portal
  • Cash activities are an issue for parents can they pay online for sport
  • Daily notices are repetitive and sometimes not up to date
  • Assessment tasks to be loaded onto Parent Portal
  • Examination timetables to be loaded onto Parent Portal
  • The ability for parents to respond regarding COAL scores


  • Email is best way to communicate with an SMS push to remind.
  • Remind on important events the day of the event


  • Don’t know what the uniform is as everyone wears different uniform and branded gear ie. Nike
  • Is there a blue tracksuit pant?
  • Confusion on what the uniform is
  • Warmth for winter
  • Girls are wanting comfort in uniform and flexibility in choice
  • Additional girls pants to uniform code
  • Review of uniform Port Macquarie Campus
  • Policy on changing for PE and uniform that is worn on that day including those who are part of Sports Academy
  • Clarification on the process for out of uniform discipline at each campus
  • Consultation with SRC, parents and P&C on new items to college uniform code.
  • Better communication when uniform shop is open. Provision for an early morning time slot for parents who work.
  • Online uniform ordering


  • Keep an eye out of notes that come out are accurate and do not have spelling mistakes
  • Not enough options for sport
  • Supervision at IRONMAN. Safety of young girls having to walk or be dropped off not at the location due to road closures at the late shifts.
  • Student lists teams are posted outside of PE staff room. Can this be accessed by parents also via parent portal and newsletter.
  • Students being marked absent when they are on school business
  • Students being marked absent cross campus rolls
  • Not all teachers marking rolls
  • Roll call in library also for distant education
  • Students smoking in toilets during class time
  • Hygiene of the girl’s toilets
  • Simplify communication methods
  • Where can you go back to find information (archives) if students are absent
  • Scaffold of lessons plans available to parents
  • One source of truth – go to and everything links from that one place (if there is alerts put in place)
  • BYOD what is the policy with mobile phones. Confusing needs to be policy in place that is clear
  • Anti-bullying day and theme to ensure welfare of all students
  • SMS messages to parents when child is at school – check for accuracy

Topics for future meetings

  • Explanation of extra curricular activities on offer
  • Parent Portal Training