Paper Plan

Congratulations to Year 10 Science student, Kyle Chapman who is the 2018 regional finals winner with his paper airplane flight of 9.58 seconds! First place for time in the air.

Few activities can tempt secondary students to put down their phones, but a paper airplane championships seem to be one of them.

This year regional pilots were invited to be part of the action in the Young Scientist Paper Plane Regional High flyers.

As part of the competition students designed and fly their paper airplane and analyze their flight data to determine the best designs for getting planes to travel the farthest distance.

All students needed to have a verified plane throw recorded by a teacher, parent or another adult, then complete the paperwork making sure the criteria are met, and the rules followed. Students were required to upload the video of the throw and judges view the videos.

Young Scientist judges will also inspect the videos of the highest achieving throws to ensure that the throws are eligible and show no evidence of wind assistance.

STEM Challenges are terrific ways to help teach students about science, technology, engineering and math, all while building their brains and making connections through problem-solving.