One page 1

Towards the end of last term we still had a few students working on campus in the Library. To finish off their Term 1 topics we decided to introduce them to a new strategy called a ‘One Pager’. This is a great higher-order thinking and reflection tool that allows students to express their connections with, reactions to and comprehension of a specific topic they have studied in the Term.

Instructions were to:

  1. All work must be completed on one side of an A3 piece of paper
  2. Your first and last name must be clearly displayed
  3. Design a boarder that reflects the unit of learning or theme – it can include words, pictures, quotes or symbols
  4. Write your reactions or connections to the text or unit of study
  5. Draw at least one visual image that strongly relates to the unit
  6. Draw a word cluster around one of your images to symbolise the subject
  7. Write a poem about the unit of study, a character or the theme
  8. Support your work with a personal statement. Begin your statement with, “I believe…..”
  9. Create at least 3 questions and then answer them with support from the text, your notes or unit of study
  10. Be colourful and neat!  Nothing should be left in plain pencil

The students were shown some examples, asked loads of questions, but eventually settled quietly to work on their task – it was eerily quiet between Lunch 1 and 2. The final products were FANTASTIC. Mr Duck and Ms Cooke came up to have a look and the students proudly discussed the task and showed off their work.  A great way to end the term’s learning.