Charlie Maher is the Clontarf Foundation director and has served the Clontarf Foundation for over 10 years. Charlie works with young Aboriginal men to develop positive attitudes and help secure employment and post schooling options. 

Charlie is proud of his heritage, a passionate and strong role model and leader who loves Port Macquarie and the Ntaria community.

Charlie is a driving force in providing experiences that teach resilience, persistence and discipline. He is the founder of the Port Macquarie IMF RAW (running and walking group) which has been expanded to Wauchope and Ntaria. He established the Bush to Beach program which shares culture, experiences, mentoring and leadership between the Port Macquarie and Ntaria communities. This program provides an opportunity to learn and share culture, experiences and stories whilst working towards creating positive change and improving the lives of participants.

Charlie Maher is the first Indigenous Australian to finish the New York Marathon and has completed five marathons to date. His experiences have had an effect on the wider indigenous community by encouraging others to take part in marathons and inspiring others to look after themselves and be healthier.

He actively supports and encourages the wider community by his involvement in White Ribbon Day, NAIDOC week and ANZAC day and his participation in fun runs, raising money for other local organisations such as for Aspect Children with Autism and The Purple House for Dialysis in Alice Springs

We are grateful for his inspiring endless encouragement of our students and his investment in this community.