My community Grant

Congratulations to Precious Plastic Port Macquarie (Hastings Secondary College Westport Campus), Hasting School and Community Care and Wellbeing COLA and Epic Quest to Revive Lake Cathie in being successful in the My Community Grant voting and receiving the most votes for their projects.

Westport Campus will be funded $81,800 and will soon be creating prosthetic hands made from collected, discarded plastic.

My Community Project is all about local ideas, local projects and local decisions.The NSW Government is investing $24.7 million in 248 projects across NSW to help improve the wellbeing of the people and communities that live there.

People submitted great ideas to benefit local communities, and 61,437 people voted for their favourite local projects.

Between $20,000 and $200,000 has been allocated to each successful project to make the community more liveable, cultural, accessible, safe, revitalised and healthy.

Sister campus Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus followed closely in the voting coming in with 1019 votes. The community who have voted for this project you can rest assured that we are looking to develop the site and gaining grants to implement the components of the project incrementally.

The two Hastings Secondary College projects should be proud of their efforts.

Precious Plastics Port Macquarie

Precious Plastic is a global community of over 40,000 people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. By establishing a regional chapter in Port Macquarie, this project will engage students and the general public to help fight the war on plastic waste. Transforming waste plastic into valuable resources will change the way people think about plastic and how they consume it.

Students get to use their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills to manufacture valuable products from materials that we currently consider to be an environmentally destructive waste. They also get to educate the community and advocate for policy changes, like the recent banning of single-use plastic bags, which can lead to a significant reduction in the amount of plastic waste that we generate.

The project will be carried out by the Westport Environment and Sustainability Team (WEST) at Hastings Secondary College. In 2020, WEST will purchase a Shruder machine and create a recycling workspace. The Shruder is a dual purpose, compact, industrial shredder and extruder, purpose-built for recycling of used plastics. Students will shred single-use plastic items, which can then either be on-sold to plastic recyclers or made into new products.

Precious Plastics

Burrawan Farm

Community gardens contribute to a healthy lifestyle by providing fresh, safe, affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables, helping to relieve stress and increase the sense of wellness.  Getting people active, which improves overall physical health, providing social opportunities that build a sense of community and belonging, allowing people to learn and share knowledge on gardening, nature, Aboriginal culture, farm animals and cooking. It connects the broader community with education.

Social ties are essential to the wellbeing of people in our community since they can bring positive health effects and community involvement. These connections help educate students/community on where food comes from and provide opportunity, especially in urban spaces, to engage with their food system providing an inclusive meeting area, where people of all ages and cultural backgrounds can come together to share experiences/knowledge of animals, culture and sustainable living.

The project in partnership with college students and teachers across faculties - hospitality, technical-design/construction, Indigenous Boys Academy, agriculture/science and the whole of school for students as a learning centre. Community groups including local builders, PMH Council, Birpai Land Council, Hastings AECG, volunteers from Lions, Rotary, Mrs Yorks Garden, P&C, over 50 retirement villages, age-care, church groups, residents, headspace, primary and daycare students. The project will be implemented over 12 months subject to grant funding.

Burrawan Farm