life ready

Life ready is a mandatory 25-hour course designed to prepare and support senior students as they encounter situations related to health and safety as they become more independent and gain more responsibilities. It focuses on offering opportunities for students to build the functional knowledge and skills for life post school.

At Hastings Secondary College the content of the campus’s Life ready program is based on the needs and interests of students. This means that each year, the PDPHP team at Hastings Secondary College develop a program that is relevant to the particular group or cohort of senior students.

Life ready focuses on encouraging students to think critically, solve problems and make informed decisions. Areas of learning include:

  •  independence
  •  mental health and well-being
  •  relationships
  •  sexuality and sexual health
  •  drugs and alcohol
  •  safe travel. 

Survey Year 10 Parents

The planning, delivery and evaluation of Life Ready should be guided by student learning needs and community context. Involving the school community, including students, in this process is key to success. We ask parents to complete the below survey to assist us in ensuring content is relevant to our community needs. We will also be surveying our Year 10 students at Westport Campus. Thank you for your assistance.

Complete Life Ready Survey