Whilst we are working from home, or are at school, it might be a great opportunity to revisit what our school library provides.

Fiction and non-fiction books.

We have a wide selection of non-fiction reference books on many topics. Our non-fiction books have links to curriculum in all stages and every subject area is catered for. These non-fiction books are great for assignment work (they can be borrowed) but they also cater for subjects that may be of interest to various students such as the supernatural, various languages, climate change, terrorism, crime, battles, mythology, psychology, art, music or any variety of subject matter. If you have an interest come up and see what we have to offer.

Our fiction books have recently been organised into genres. We have done this so that students will find it easier to match their likes and access to those books. This has been very successful and students are able to browse their favoured genre quickly and easily. We are constantly purchasing new books either on student/staff recommendation, popularity/sales, publisher/bookstore recommendation.

Our new books are at the entrance to the library on the various stands and the wall above the bench where we put our bags. Come and browse and feel free to either borrow or read silently on the lounges, bean bags or soft cushions.

If you want to know if we have a particular book in the library you can go into OLIVER which is our system for loaning books and see if it is available. Reserve it and we will have it ready for pick up asap depending on the situation.

So where is OLIVER to be found? On your student portal. Simply click there. This should take you to ORBIT. It is here you will find four boxes- search, pick and click, new and my library. Search will take you to a site that allows you to find out if we have a certain book in the school library and whether it is available. Pick and click has various topics that are most popular and books we have on that subject, New - lists the latest 32 resources we have added to our collection. My library allows students to see their record of borrowing as well as reserve from the collection. Orbit is somewhere students should become familiar with as non-fiction books are included on this site. Take your time and browse the system until you find what you like.

What else do we offer?

Magazines on our new shelves – Choice, Australian Geographic, National Geographic, Fishing NSW, Mad, Frankie, Tracks, K Zone, Popular Science, Sport and plenty more..

Colouring-in pictures and textas and pencils provides.

Games – Chess, Checkers, Dominos, Jigsaw puzzles, Select Four, Uno and various board games with many different themes-such as Vikings, Pirates, Fantasy worlds and more.

Finally – if in doubt ask a librarian – Mr Krahe and Mr Jackson are always willing to assist.