let us grow

Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus has been successful in gaining a community grant for $18,400 to deliver an outdoor learning area for LEAP students and paddock to plate garden for TAS students.

The project ‘Let us Grow’ is designed to improve the wellbeing of the LEAP students who are significantly challenged to participate in the day to day busyness of a complex secondary school setting. Challenges arise due to factors such as anxiety, depression, sensory overload and difficulties with communication and interaction, all of which reduce a student’s capacity to achieve in a regular classroom setting. 

The ethos behind the LEAP Academy is to promote a safe, nurturing non-transitional classroom focussing on project-based learning.

Students spend a significant part of their secondary schooling within a single classroom environment, and the vision is to create an outdoor area that stimulates the senses, benefits their wellbeing and provides them with meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

The outdoor learning area will also be utilised as a conducive environment for students transitioning from a home-schooled environment.

The project also includes an edible garden that will be utilised by various other faculties; specifically, for TAS (Paddock to Plate class) and Hospitality by being able to use the produce in their culinary classes. 

Our vision is to create shared areas to increase interaction between the LEAP and mainstream students, as well as learning about sustainability and solutions for healthy living.