Connor is a LEAP student at Port Macquarie Campus. He recently wrote to the Prime Minister about a project he is working on about the current drought situation. He was pretty chuffed to have received a letter from the Prime Minister and a phone call from Leslie Williams MP.

Project work helps student learn. In projects students not only acquire language, but also improve their higher order thinking skills, express their creativity, use new technology, increase their social skills and possibly learn other subject knowledge.

1. Language. Projects give students the opportunity to integrate and apply all English skills throughout its activities.

2. Higher order thinking skills. Working in projects not only develops simple thinking skills like recalling, comprehending or applying what they have learnt, but also more advanced skills like analysing, synthesising and evaluating information. 

3. Creativity. When students are doing a creative task it enhances the students' motivation. They are having fun and don't see the work as study. 

4. Social skills. Working together in teams develops social skills like being patient, helpful and respecting others' opinions.

Good luck with your project Connor and we look forward to your presentation.