Over the past 2 years, LEAP Academy students have been fundraising for a charity “Amigitos - Care with Action”. The students found out about the wonderful work the charity does and decided they would like to help.

Amigitos is a non-profit organisation that conducts humanitarian work for people living under difficult living conditions in the Pancho Mateo slum area of the Dominican Republic. Amigitos’s purpose is to strengthen the citizens of Pancho Mateo’s rights and meet their basic needs. The charity runs a school, kindergarten, health department, women’s group, youth club, sewing school for women, food programs and activities.

Students and staff collect 10 cent cans and bottles that would have ended up in landfill, they are then taken to 'Return and Earn' facilities. $106 was raised in 2020, and $215 in 2021.

The funds contributed to providing aid and over 100 food bags given to families impacted by the earthquake in Chambellan, Haiti. It also contributed to 250 food bags and 320 children receiving a present from Santa in Pancho Mateo. 

Siv, founder of Amigitos Care With Action, recently sent the students a personal message thanking our students and expressing her gratitude for their support.