Google Classrooms

 Joining Google Classroom Class as a Student

1. Log on to the NSW Department of Education Portal at

google classrooms 1

2. Click the ‘G Suite (Google Apps for Education)’ link under the ‘Learning’ heading

Google Classrooms 2

3. Click the ‘Classroom’ link

google 3

4. If you have any pending invitations, you will see the class name with a ‘Decline’ and a ‘Join’ button. Click the ‘Join’ button to join the class

google 4

5. If you don’t see the class at all, but you know the class code, click the ‘+’ button towards the top right corner, then click ‘Join class’

google 5

6. Type the class code then click the ‘Join’ link

Google 6

For more information, including screenshots from an iPhone, iPad or Android device, please refer to the page