cake baking

What is it about baking that is so intensely satisfying?  In short, students love the baking part of baking, not just the eating.

The slow process of measuring, sifting, and stirring; waiting as the cake rises in the oven and the kitchen becomes saturated with the scents of butter and flour and chocolate; pulling the pans out of the oven and finding the cake transformed into something golden and perfect. And, OK, fine, also the part where students eat the labour of their love admittedly isn’t terrible.

Here are a few of the ways that baking is more than the sum of its parts:

  • Baking smells amazing
  • It’s not about talent—it’s about science
  • OK, it's science, but it’s also sort of...magic
  • A lot of baked goods are freezable
  • Baking is for sharing
  • Baking is celebratory

So, what does cooking mean to you?