Dear Year 12 Parents and Carers

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) exams commence on Tuesday 20 October and continue until Wednesday 11 November. We are committed to providing you with regular advice about the HSC. NESA Guidelines govern this advice.
Early recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, must result in self-isolation immediately. Students must obtain a COVID-test.  Year 12 students will be required to provide a Doctor’s certificate with result.
If your child has symptoms consistent with a recurrent allergic condition, for example, hay fever or asthma, you are required to provide a medical certificate from your General Practitioner to sit the HSC exams, so that their symptoms are not confused with COVID-19.
Students should follow this process for allergies and COVID testing:
1.    Obtain a medical certificate from their GP
2.    Present Medical Certificate to your campus front office
3.    Complete the illness and misadventure form from the HSC Presiding Officer, Mr Mark Longstaff.
For up to date advice about the 2020 HSC, visit the NESA COVID-19 advice page: https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/about/news/novel-coronavirus