HSC Artworks

Hastings Secondary College Higher School Certificate (HSC) artworks major works were marked last week.

Each student is given clear guidelines regarding what they have to do to complete their body of work for the final practical examination for their HSC. Students are able to specialise in a range of 'expressive forms' to finalise their work.

The students begin with an idea or concept they wish to express. Then they choose which media or mediums they want to create their body of work in. Projects can be created using anything from drawing, painting, printmaking, film and photography to sculptural works.

Aside from the traditional mediums, students can now work in a range of media for the one body of work, this is called 'Collection of Works

Works by our students are displayed in order below. Click on the pictures below to bring the artwork to life.

  • Alex Petho 7 - Play Canadian Maple - Stencil Portraits on Skateboards
  • Holly Hunter: The Art of Precious Scars - Illustration on "Kintsgi" inspired plates
  • Leah Collison - All The King’s Horses & All The King’s Men - Digital Illustration
  • Phoebe MacLachlan Incoming Waves - Digital Illustration
  • Sienna Hajek: This Way Down Under - Sculpture
  • Tayla Dures - States of Mind: Uncontrollable/Unpredictable - Illustrated photographs
  • Tina Nguyen - hồi ký (memoires)- Illustrated Vietnamese lanterns