Hastings Valley Science Fair

Do you remember when science in a classroom was all about memorising unwieldy, four-syllable words where you had to follow instructions straight out of the science textbook and raise your hand?

Our science teachers place much importance in guiding students toward ideas that allow them to become part of the scientific process. The student then is actually educating you as they get to tell you their discoveries.

Our extraordinary science teachers teach our kids that science is a process. They might be doing an experiment and all of a sudden they get data they didn’t expect to understand, and suddenly they’re off on a tangent. That’s real science!

What makes the Hastings Science Fair project such a great learning experience is that it involves so much more than science. Students learn communications skills, they learn the importance of selecting topics and fine-tuning their presentations in ways that will make them most likely to impress science fair judges.

A shout out to all our primary school friends, family and community who were guest judges. I am sure you will agree these budding young scientists have a passion for exploration and research.

Expert Judge's award - Year 10

Overall: Imogene Salt (Westport Campus)

Port Macquarie Campus: Clare Williams

WPC: Zoe Davies

Wauchope High School: Chad McGovern

Expert Judge's award - Year 8

Overall: Antonia Visvikis, Ebony Baker (WHS)

PMC: Jorjabella Munday, Mia Zimmer, Reese Menzies

WPC: Iesha Apthorpe

WHS: Ella Martin, Courtney Lowe, Charli Caller

People's Choice Award - Year 10

Overall; Larnah Smith (WHS)

PMC; Merry Charles

WPC; Travis Pascoe

WHS; Ellie Mckittrick

People's Choice Award - Year 8

Overall; Antonia Visvikis, Ebony Baker (WHS)

PMC; Emity Nolan, Kirralee Walsh, Ally Tuite, Teagan Mainey, 

WPC; Darlene Riveros, Sophie Mavros, Beth Sinclair

WHS; Ella Martin, Charli Caller, Courtney Lowe

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