Mr Godson and Ms Henderson have been working on the Asia Education Foundation Bridge Project for the last few months to build a relationship with our partner school, Gizo Community High School in Gizo, Solomon Islands. Even in lockdown, our college is building international relationships and opportunities!

BRIDGE is an international program that establishes school partnerships between students, teachers and school communities. BRIDGE students collaborate on projects, practice language skills and develop lifelong friendships with students at their partner school. 

BRIDGE uses a blended model of teacher professional learning, face-to-face, online learning, and an international homestay program with partner schools. BRIDGE supports teachers in using technologies to open their classrooms to the world. 

Through this partnership, Ms Henderson and Mr Godson have been building teaching capacity through online and face to face professional learning comprising of webinars and supporting the partnership in the practice and curriculum resource sharing to support classroom collaboration.

They have had a great time taking part in the Virtual Professional Learning Program and are in the early stages of linking students from the college via a shared online experience. The project will evolve over the coming months (and hopefully, years) to include school partnership visits and a cross-curricular Science / English project based around sustainable energy, water supply and Indigenous understandings of place and environment. 

Gizo, the town in which our partner school is situated, and is hosting the 6th National Education Conference.

Here are some photos our partner teacher, Mary Sanaqula Boara, shared with us from the National Education Conference. Students from Gizo Community College were proud to participate in this fantastic event.​