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Hi everyone

There have been significant developments and announcements in the last 24 hours made by varying levels of government.

As the situation changes in relation to this significant health crisis, we will inform you of any Department of Education updates and will continue to guide and support you.

The current levels of uncertainty affects all members of our Hastings Secondary College community – students, parents and families, and staff. I ask for your collective understanding and patience while we work with the information we are provided and the quickly changing environment to make plans for what lies ahead.

There will be a great deal of learning and planning involved for all our staff. This situation is new to all of us. We will all experience stress, tiredness and will often feel vulnerable and uncertain.

In line with our Premier’s announcement yesterday, you have our full support in keeping your kids at home. I encourage you to focus on supporting the wellbeing of your children and family. This is the most important thing. Don’t worry about getting learning done straight away.

Stay calm with your children, acknowledge that life is different at the moment and reassure them.

In the next two days we will provide you with:

1. Tips in setting up for learning at home.

2. Ideas on how to stay connected with learning – both with and without access to technology.

3. Further information on our planning for extended learning at home

We are confident that we have a process in place that will support Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12) students with minimal impact on their HSC preparation.

For those students who continue to come to school, we will continue to employ all our current strategies in relation to safety and hygiene.

Take care everyone – continue to listen to all accurate advice and contact us if you need anything.

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Ian Ross

Executive Principal

Hastings Secondary College