Japanese Tour

On Thursday 1st August we welcomed five Japanese students and two teachers from Okadama Senior High School in Sapporo, Japan. They were with us for 6 days and in that time were able to experience many different aspects of Australian life. For some they rode camels, tried Vegemite and musk sticks for the first time... not necessarily together and were able to see the many beautiful sites of the Port Macquarie Region.

Mr Masuda one of the visiting Japanese teachers sends a thank you to our school community. 

Thanks to you, we could enjoy and learn a lot about your school and your community. Especially about not only your students but also the people living in Port Macquarie, I was very impressed with their kindness and consideration.  I read the last month’s ‘principal’s message’ written by Ms. Meaghan Cook on  the web page.  In the message there was a quote  that “Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water. It will make ripples throughout the entire pond.”  I feel that your principal’s beliefs, and your school’s mottoes are alive in the hearts  of the students and the community.​

Mr Masuda

A very big thank you to the hosting families for opening your homes and hearts to our visiting students.