Awards of Distinction

The Hastings Secondary College Awards of Distinction is all about students who have strived for and achieved excellence. It is about those who stand out from the crowd for the amazing capacity to innovate. It is about the students who have stepped up and taken advantage of the phenomenal opportunities at our College.

Thank you to our teaching staff for their wisdom, care and grit. The teaching staff at Hastings Secondary College has demonstrated innovation, willingness to step outside of their comfort zones, eagerness to form collegial relationships to work smarter not harder.

To our parents - a critical ingredient to achieving success. Parents are partners of their child's learning and providers of the most vital foundation - love. Love of their child and the recognition that a love of learning is a valuable ally.

The College is grateful for our partnerships with our community. A community that is willing to provide educational partnerships and real-world learning opportunities beyond the classroom walls. 

The measure of our success as a College is the success of each and every one of our students,whether they excel academically, or through leadership opportunities or school service, or are a member of our highly successful Clontarf Academy, the College Robotics Team, a music, dance or drama ensemble, a sporting team, or who have found a passion for learning as a member of the Zenith Program, LEAP Academy or one of our academies for STEM, Sport or Creative Industries.

Every one of our students is provided with opportunity and every one of our students is on an educational journey that is unique to them. We recognise you, we support you and with celebrate with you.

One College Many Opportunities.