learning from home

How can students make the most of Learning from Home?

Students must know their teacher’s Google Classroom code, and/or other online learning platforms. Students must check their Department of Education email for this information.

Students are to:

  • Organise their physical space at home. Make sure the space for learning is neat and tidy.
  • Use their timetable to be organised and ready to learn at the timetabled time.
  •  Take the initiative with their learning – it is up to students to make this work as best as possible.
  • Complete tasks with integrity and academic honesty. Students are to do their best work.
  • Meet timelines, commitments and due dates. Students are to communicate proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support.

How can Parents Help?

The task of establishing new routines and schedules, whilst juggling work responsibilities, could prove to be disruptive and challenging for families.

We will work to ensure your child’s academic needs are met, and families will need to play a key role in providing them with the structure and groundwork for success. Our young people will be looking towards their parents to keep things in context and help ease the transition to a different learning environment.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, through SchoolTV, has provided us with some guidelines for families on how best to navigate this time of transition with minimal disruption.

Please watch this short video for some tips and ideas to support your child in this new learning environment.


  • Set clear and positive expectations that learning will continue at home.
  • Please understand that Learning from Home cannot look the same as the regular learning process.
  • It is recommended that students follow their school timetable. This is to ensure your child/ren are ready to learn at the scheduled time.
  • Ensure that sleep patterns and morning routines are regular and structured.
  • Manage your children’s phone/s during lesson times. Phones are a distraction and parents will need to help manage this, by considering steps such as physically placing phones away during timetabled lessons.
  • Clarify exactly when tasks are due and assist your child/ren with submission.
  • Make changes to your home so that there is a clear and organised space for learning. A space/location for extended learning should be a public/family space, not in a bedroom.
  • Please do not directly interact with Google Classroom (or other online platform), as this is a student learning space.

Mental Wellbeing 

It's been a stressful time all around the world as we deal with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the uncertainty it brings.

What life will look like over the next few months has changed and you might be feeling anxious about what this means. Here are some resources to help you manage your wellbeing through all this. Click the below link to find out more.