Team 6508 had a bumpy start to the weekend with a few adjustments needed to autonomous vision driving which had us ranked fairly low after the first game.

Once the problems were overcome by our pit crew and mechanic team, Team 6508 soared to the top, ranking in the top 8 for most of their games on Saturday.

Saturday night the scout team and drive team got together to form a list of potential bots to choose if they stayed in the top 8 and became alliance captians.

Sunday came around and team 6508 managed to rank 1st overall team in the whole south Pacific competition which included 62 teams from 7 different countries.

We chose veteran team 3132 and defence bot 7561 which took us to the semi finals before getting knocked out. Overall it was a good weekend, everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot and the final ranking was a credit to the countless hours put in by the students and teachers during the build season. 

Students and teachers will now be getting ready for the dual down under competition at Macquarie University mid year and o'course the FIRST Robotics competition again in 2020.