Ian Ross

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to give a huge shout out to our educational community for the overwhelming way that we have come together to initiate, develop and promote a different approach to education during the current situation with COVID-19.

During the past week I have experienced many examples, across the college community, which have demonstrated the commitment to our core values of Safe, Respect and Personal Best.

At this time, and into the future, these values are needed to support what we do and how we do it.

I thank you all again for your ongoing support in implementing the student expectation changes to assist your child in learning from home.

It is understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed by the continually changing alerts and media coverage regarding the spread of the virus.

While it is essential to stay informed, the following tips have been provided by Lifeline.

Manage your exposure to media coverage as this can increase feelings of fear and anxiety. Be mindful of sources of information and ensure you are accessing good quality and accurate information. 

Follow a “calm yet cautious” approach – do you best to remain calm and be mindful not to contribute to the widespread panic that can hinder efforts to manage the outbreak positively. Ensure you are following directives issued by the government, medical advice and observe proper hygiene habits.

Show compassion and kindness to one another – these times of fear, isolation (both physical and social) and uncertainty are when it is essential that we strengthen our sense of community by connecting with and supporting each other. Remind ourselves that we can manage this much better together in solidarity and that COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate – it can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, nationality or ethnicity.

Actively manage your wellbeing by maintaining routines where possible, connect with family and friends (even if not in person), staying physically active, eating nutritious foods and seeking additional support by contacting Lifeline or further professional help as required. 

If your kids are like mine, they are growing up fast and finding more interest in friends than family... break out the games. You might be surprised how quickly they’ll pull up a chair and sit down for a friendly and competitive game. Just make sure you add this one rule: he who loses, puts away the game!

No matter what the circumstances may be, we are committed to helping your child learn and grow, ensuring they remain known, valued and cared for at this time more than ever.

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Take care


Ian Ross

Executive Principal

Hastings Secondary College