Hastings Secondary College have been lucky enough to secure a presentation by Andrew Fisher, a racing car driver who presents across the country for the Life Choices Foundation. Westport Campus Year 9 students participated in the program on Wednesday 18 November.

Andrew challenged teens to stop and think through the consequences of some of life’s significant choices, for themselves. He encouraged students to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them. Andrew spoke from the heart about issues that are real to young people today including addiction, social media, relationships, road safety, values and beliefs.

The current generation of teenagers are struggling with issues around self-image, self-control and social comparison. Every generation is defined by a set of values; these values are invariably placed on them by previous generations. This current generation of youth have been told life is all about them. However, the latest youth-related mental health research and statistics, around the areas of happiness and well-being, indicate that there is work to be done.

Life Choices Foundation said "Our evidence informed programs seek to challenge and inspire teenagers & adults to understand the consequences of important life choices. Our Programs aim to encourage attendees to choose the path that is ‘right’ for them, inspiring them to stand firm in the face of difficulty and negative influence and challenge them to leave the past behind and make the right choices moving forward".

Andrew also shared his personal story, about his daughter, Lily, who was born with half a heart. The openness Andrew displays sharing the hard decisions that he and his wife, Annie, had to make creates an amazingly honest connection with the students. Andrew links his experience and those tough decisions back to the “courageous decisions” that the students will need to make in their lifetime.

As an added bonus Andrew brought along one the team’s replica race cars for the students to see and hear. There was lots of excitement when the engine roared.

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